Health Tips

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

It’s time that we talk openly and freely about mental illness and work to break the stigma surrounding mental illness in society. Today I share my story about my battle with mental illness (obsessive compulsive disorder) and how I sought treatment and regained my life.

Major Realness

Stop the Vaginal Steaming Madness

  So I LOVE Goop as much as the next ┬ánatural health and wellness girl, really I do.   However, sometimes I see trends being promoted on that site and then on other bloggers sites that I love and I…

Major Realness

Pregnancy Boob Tube My Sexy Little Secret

Bigger, rounder, tighter, higher, firmer…. Let’s face it ladies we all want more of something when it comes to our breasts. However when it comes to looking after one of the most gorgeous and fragile parts of our body, we…