Health Tips

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

It’s time that we talk openly and freely about mental illness and work to break the stigma surrounding mental illness in society. Today I share my story about my battle with mental illness (obsessive compulsive disorder) and how I sought treatment and regained my life.

Fitness Hacks

Lovely Leptin and the Venus Factor!

  Let’s Talk Leptin and the Venus Factor!   Did you guys know that there is a “master” hormone that regulates your body weight and your metabolism?   It’s called Leptin and it is often referred to as the hunger…

Health Tips

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits!

So, spend anytime in China and you will soon realize   Iced beverages are not a thing because they are considered to be bad for your health Papa Johns is a fancy sit down restaurant and pretty damn delicious Pu…