Hey there! My name is Harriet and I am young woman who has worked as a professional singer for many years and I have braved the harsh Los Angeles scene which definitely can takes its toll on a person mentally, physically and emotionally. I don’t consider myself a celebrity or somebody who is “naturally thin”, I like every other young woman have struggled with my weight and in Los Angeles where if you are anywhere over 115 lbs you are considered “curvy” or “chubby”

I have definitely gone to extremes in the past to lose weight and stay thin. I have tried every diet under the sun and have spend weeks at a time religiously spinning or attending Bikram Yoga classes, all of which made me dread working out and anytime I was “dieting” I was really “depriving” which can lead to, you guessed it, binging! I know how many women struggle with their weight and I am not here to give you a magical fix to lose fifteen pounds in a week like some diets promise which is unhealthy and will most likely come right back the minute you put more than a celery stick in your mouth. I am not here to push products or anything else on you, I am here because I have read every diet book there is and have tried every exercise program that promised me “hip hop abs” in a matter of days, I have tried every skincare product that promised clear skin and never did, so I finally found my own remedies to all of those issues on my own, and in doing so I learned so much!

Working as a singer I also learned about how to stay healthy using natural remedies and how to clear up huge blemishes overnight for a concert the next day. I am a certified heated yoga instructor and am working towards becoming a certified nutritionist. I want this blog to show you who I am and I promise to take a no bullshit approach to giving you guys the lowdown on diets, fashion, skincare, makeup, nutrition, home remedies and so much more. I also studied Mandarin Chinese for years and have spent a lot of time in China and Japan where I learned so many amazing simple remedies for everyday problems that I will share with you as well! I am so excited to finally put all of my knowledge and passion into this blog!

Life is too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary! Whether it is a body you are unhappy with, a job, a relationship, problem skin, or anything else, DON’T SETTLE! Life is about doing what you love and also striving everyday to achieve balance every day while working towards becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. I am so excited to undertake this exciting journey and I hope that you all will come along for the ride!

Away we go!

xoxo Harriet


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