Stop the Vaginal Steaming Madness

stop the vaginal steaming madness


So I LOVE Goop as much as the next  natural health and wellness girl, really I do.


However, sometimes I see trends being promoted on that site and then on other bloggers sites that I love and I really just think WTF, this should NOT be being promoted as a hot new wellness trend!


So how did Gwyneth get into Vaginal Steaming in the First Place? 



Here’s what Ms. Paltrow has to say about how she first discovered V- Steaming…..


“The first time I tried v-steaming, I was like, ‘This is insane,’” she told The Cut in an interview. “My friend Ben brought me, and I was like, ‘You are out of your f**king mind. What is this?’ But then by the end of it I was like, ‘This is so great.’ Then I start to do research, and it’s been in Korean medicine for thousands of years and there are real healing properties.” 


Gwyneth Paltrow recommends that women steam clean their vagina for extra energy, to rebalance their female hormones and to keep up a squeaky so clean “you could eat pie off of it” uterus.


Stop the Vaginal Steaming Madness


Let’s Talk About the DANGERS of Vaginal Steaming!



Let’s dive a little deeper for a second and explore to see if there is any medical reasoning behind this latest craze.


The specific type of steam Goop suggests using is a mugwort steam, well what is mugwort exactly?


It’s a Chinese herb that smells and tastes sweet and is frequently used as a food flavoring or in soups to add a slightly sweet flavor.


However in Gwyneth’s world it’s used to steam clean your vag.


Can we also just take a minute and talk about the obvious risk factor here of “intra-vaginal burns”?


You think burning your finger while drunkenly making nachos hurts like a bitch, try burning your delicate lady hole and tell me if that isn’t a million times more difficult to heal.



There is ZERO reason that you needy to heat up your ladies parts any hotter than they already are as your body does a wonderful job keeping itself regulated a balmy 37 degrees C.


If you heat it up any warmer than it already it you are just inviting unwanted bacteria and yeast like candida which is definitely not something you want.


How about the claim that steaming your v can help women to balance their hormones? 



Well there isn’t anything that backs up this claim either.


Most women don’t even need help balancing their hormones unless they have something like polycystic ovarian syndrome, have had a baby recently, or are going through menopause.


The average woman though doesn’t need to worry about it and those who need some help in the hormone balancing department won’t find any help by steaming their vaginas as it doesn’t effect your hormones levels at all (sorry Gwyneth).


The whole water vapor thing in terms of the steam you are wafting into your hoo ha isn’t smart either as the vagina is a naturally lubricating well oiled machine.




Water isn’t lubricating and nobody suggests ever using “a hefty splash of water” as lube, NO they recommend oils like raw coconut oil or KY warming gel.


Water isn’t lubricating and it’s actually dehydrating for the vagina and can wash away the natural oils that help to keep it lubricated, leaving vagina dry and sad like a Sahara dessert and also a poorly lubricated vag leads to painful sex and makes you more prone to irritation.


You are also literally just asking to get thrush which is caused by an overgrowth of candida and it thrives and in fact flourishes in warm and damn conditions.


You are literally creating an HGTV dream home for candida and it’s made an all cash offer to move on in.


So as much as I was looking forward to my next spa day getting my lady parts steamed, buffed and puffed, I think it’s time that the wellness world decides to “consciously uncouple” from vaginal steaming.


Have any of you tried this? What are your thoughts?


Nothing is off limits to talk about on this site so keep the topics coming ladies that you want to know more about and I will do my very best to deliver!


Until next time….


XOXO Harriet


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  1. February 8, 2018 / 10:19 am

    This had me laughing SO HARD! Nowadays we have so many trends and microtrends, it’s important to remember the facts. THANKS for keeping it real. As a bio major, I completely agree! Vaginas are self-cleaning! You’re messing up their microbiome with extra soaps, steaming, etc.

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