Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits!

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits

So, spend anytime in China and you will soon realize


  • Iced beverages are not a thing because they are considered to be bad for your health
  • Papa Johns is a fancy sit down restaurant and pretty damn delicious
  • Pu Erh Tea is king!

Living in China was one of the most amazing things I ever got to experience and I learned so much in terms of health and beauty secrets.

It honestly felt like I was given some inside secret knowledge about the tips and tricks as to how Chinese women maintain their slim figures and youthful appearance.

One of the main tips is one that I have already talked your ear off about which is Jade Rolling (you know you are onto something great when Vogue writes an article about it). Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

Another thing that I quickly learned while in China was just how important drinking Tea is in Chinese culture.

In China, long before tea became the beverage staple of every person pretty much, it was relied on as a main medicinal staple in Chinese medicinal practices.

Tea was not only a treatment for individual illnesses, but was also considered to be general health elixir that promotes a long and health life.

It did not take long however until tea was more heavily incorporated into daily life for people in China.

Since the start of the Ming dynasty, teahouses began to pop up all over China and people of all ages would gather at the teahouse to drink tea and hang out. It was pretty much the Ancient Chinese version of our modern Happy Hour.

Tea is one of the most important parts of every meal in China whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Besides mealtime, tea is served to welcome guests as a gesture of hospitality and respect.

There is literally a tea for every ailment out there and anytime I had any sort of health problem from allergies, to acne, or even some extra weight gain (too much Ba Bao Fan sue me!).

There are so many health benefits attributed to drinking Chinese tea, and for most Westerners a lot of this interest is focused on ancient claims related to weight loss and even helping to prevent cancer due to the high antioxidant properties.


Let me give you a little Chinese Tea Breakdown!

Green Tea

Basically it’s the hot girl in high school who is a cheerleader and is dating the captain of the football team, it gets a badass reputation! As it should because the health benefits of drinking Green Tea are pretty awesome!Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits and Green Tea


Black Tea

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits and Black Tea Benefits


Red Tea

A tea that not many Westerners are probably familiar with, it is also called Rooibos Tea, for example last year Starbucks offered a Rooibos Tea latte that was pretty good until I realized it had like half a cup of added sugar (ew!)


Well Red Tea is amazing! This brand is my favorite!

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits and Red Tea

Red tea is very good for the skin and can help improve your appearance. It is full of Zinc that helps to treat acne and any other related skin conditions.

It is a great addition to any skincare routine and Red Tea powder can even be applied directly to your skin to help sooth any irritations that might be present.


White Tea

It is pretty much Green Tea’s little sister that doesn’t get as much attention as her super popular older sister who sluts it up but this white tea is my hands down all time favorite!

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits and White Tea Benefits


Oolong Tea

It is one of the most popular types of tea in China and it is packed with health benefits! My favorite brand is this one! 

Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits and Oolong Tea Benefits


Ok now for my absolute favorite weight loss and beauty tea secret!


Let’s chat about Pu Erh Tea (pronounced “poo-air”) and the AMAZING Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits!


What Are the Main Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits?


The benefits are honestly endless and I could talk your ear off about why I love this tea so damn much but let’s get down to a few of my favorite Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits, starting with weight loss!

Pu Erh Tea has been helping women in China maintain their thin and petite figures for centuries and I literally had to go to China to learn about this tea.

Here I was in California feeling all cool drinking my rarely talked about Red Tea reaping the skin benefits and bragging to friends, and little did I know that Pu Erh was just out there waiting for me to taste it!

How Does Pu Erh Tea Help You Lose Weight?

So many studies have shown that Pu Erh tea helps to significantly suppress the synthesis of fatty acids. This means that it can literally shut down your body’s ability to produce more fat! Ummm YES PLEASE!

The process of lipogenisis (which is the creation of fat by the liver) is stopped when consuming this tea!

In addition to helping prevent fat from even forming, Pu Erh Tea sends a signal to the body to secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine that have strong research to back up that fact that they help to mobilize stored fat and turn it into usable energy.

In addition to all of those amazeballs weight loss benefits, it has been clinically proven to enhance the cellular levels of the hormone sensitive lipase or (HSL) which effectively blocks visceral fat accumulation.

HSL is a critical enzyme that helps to “unlock” fat cells so that the contents inside can be emptied out, helping you to burn fat and lose weight! Win win!


Pu Erh Tea Health Benefits

Like all other methods of weight loss, Pu Erh tea is clearly not just going to magically help you lose weight overnight. It requires consistent use to really see the results.

To achieve the best possible results from drinking Pu Erh tea, it is recommended that you drink a cup about an hour before after each meal to help reduce the amount of fat that is stored in your body.

People have literally claimed to lose 5 pounds in the first month of integrating this health technique into their life! I definitely saw some weight loss and a boost in my overall energy levels when I started to drink this in China!

Summertime in China is extremely hot and air conditioning is just not really that common. I am admittedly a princess wimp when it comes to dealing with uncomfortably hot temperatures so I definitely struggled with the heat everyday.

I would show up to my singing lessons drenched in sweat and just not in the best mood and I will never forget my teacher bringing me to the local tea house to “cool down”

Why Drink Hot Tea When it is a Million Degrees Outside?

The last thing I wanted was hot tea at that moment, I was dying! I wanted an ice cold water or diet coke stat but that just was not in the cards so I went along with it.

She explained to me that Chinese belief is that drinking hot tea when you are feeling overheated is the best way to cool down your body.

It seems totally counterinituitve but she explained to me when your body is overheated, drinking hot liquids because if you are already overheated, drinking cold water shocks the body too much and disrupts its core temperature, but drinking room temperature or hot water/tea is actually better because it helps you cool down faster. It actually did work for me!

The heat in China was intense and while all I wanted was an ice cold diet coke, I drank my Pu Erh tea and felt a sense of cool and calm after about five minutes.

It was definitely different and I can’t really say I got used to it, but I definitely understand why it’s viewed as better for you than cold water in Chinese medicine.

Honestly if you ever get the chance to travel to China I can’t recommend it enough, it expanded my horizons personally and taught me so much about another culture.

I also learned about one of the best weight loss secrets ever! Pu Erh tea literally changed the way I approach meals and dieting when I am feeling like I have over indulged.

Clearly tea is not a cure all remedy but experiencing the Pu Erh Tea health benefits that I experienced were pretty amazing and I would highly recommend it!

You can get it at your local grocery store in the Asian Foods section but I like ordering mine online because this was the brand I drank in China, you find it here.

Ok so have any of you guys had the pleasure of going to China? What were some of your favorite experiences?







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