Amazon Prime Day! Get Your Superfoods!

Amazon Prime Day

Happy Amazon Prime Day – July 12 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Shop Now


So today is kind of like Christmas and my birthday(which happens to be tomorrow) wrapped into one! It’s Amazon Prime day and ALL of my favorite goodies are on sale!!!


Now is the perfect time to stock up on the delicious but sometimes a bit expensive Superfoods that I talked about in my Superfood Sunday blog series and I am definitely stocking up today!


Get Your Raw Hemp Hearts to improve your digestion and get beautiful healthy hair! They are high in omega 3’s and the PERFECT addition to any smoothie!


Stock up on Goji Berries to help you lose weight and also make this amazing Goji Berry Superfood Smoothie!


Goji Berries Smoothie Recipe


And while you’re at it, check out the Spirulina to make this delicious Spirulina Sex Kitten Smoothie!


Superfood Sunday Spirulina

Load Up On Your Dandelion Tea! I will be sipping this all day to get ready for upcoming trip to Laguna Beach!

Also on all of the beauty products I use on a daily basis so go check it out for yourselves!


Basically go and TREAT YO SELF!


I know will be!


Ok off to go do some birthday prep(tanning, hair, etc) being a girl gets expensive especially when you look like a more pale Casper the Friendly Ghost!






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