Hot Kini Picks for Summah 2016 TIC Style

Bikini Picks for Summer 2016

Hi guys so I am thrilled to partner today with the amazing Liz Stephenson from The Tongue in Chic, whose sharp and witty sense of humor really pulled me into her blog.

She is honest, blunt, and chic as can be and she is here to share her favorite Bikini Picks for Summer!

Without further adue, Liz Stephenson!

Hot Bikini Picks for Summer 2016

It’s BEACH TIME BETCHES! I am more than ready for some fun in the sun. Luckily I live right on the Persian Gulf so the sea is steps away, UNFORTUNATELY, I live in an Islamic country where bikinis at the beach could mean an arrest.

No thanks! Arrest me for disorderly conduct, drug possession, maybe even armed robbery – but an arrest for being hot AF? Nah not worth it.

I am so over Victoria Secret bikinis, and way more into boutique-y brands. Nothing is worse than hitting a beach party and everyone wearing the same damn striped bandeau get up from the “PINK” collection. Here are some of my fav styles.

I like to keep it simple, neutral colors  and a sexy spray tan.

I add a pop of color with my beach bags or sandals.

But black and white kini’s are this seasons jam. Throw in an off the shoulder look, this year’s big trend, and you are ready to rock!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.44.26 PM

1. My fav swimwear. Simple, and timeless, and IMO a great investment bikini.

2. AGAIN – I can’t stop and I won’t stop. This is so so sexy in black and could be rocked with full bottoms or a cheeky peek a boo Brazillian bottom.

3.Shore Road by Pooja Sunse – Pop of color, and everyone loves a lil tassel in their life.

4. Blue Life PARADISE ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT. I love a good one piece when I am feeling a little bloated from chips and guac. Leaving something to the imagination will make mama proud.

5.Forever 21 – Steal! I like the off the shoulder trend, but it’s a TREND that is sure to go as quick as it came (kinda like my ex). So save some $$ for an extra tequila shot instead … or 5.

6. SHE MADE ME – Crochet Halter. Perfect for those of us who aren’t bumping with cleavage. I love the color too!

Bye Bye Victoria Secret Swim. I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave – especially on Candice Swapenol’s bod.

UGHHH GOALS! Head over to The Tongue In Chic for a summer series coming to you soon.

Rock those bikinis!


Thanks so much Liz! If you want to know more about Liz and keep up to date with her fab lifestyle and constant travel to places so beautiful they will make you gasp, check out her Instagram and Twitter

Hope you guys liked this post as much as I did!




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