Why I Love High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee

So I have already talked to you guys before about why I think Cold Brew Coffee is so much better than regular coffee which is acidic and in my opinion lacks flavor and taste. However it is so easy to drink your calories with coffee from a common chain like Starbucks or the Coffee Bean, you would sometimes be better off just getting milkshake if you want that many calories!

I know that you guys are health and calorie conscious as am I and I was so excited when I discovered Cold Brew High Brew Coffee. Not only is it low in calories, it is also low sugar, low fat, and still high in taste!

It comes in 5 different delicious flavors, but my personal favorite is the Black and Bold which has only 20 calories and 1 gram of sugar, making it the perfect choice for somebody who wants to get their caffeine fix without the excess calories that sometimes come with coffee drinks.

An amazing thing about drinking cold brew coffee is that it is less acidic than regular coffee and easier on your stomach which is great for me because I have definitely noticed that drinking regular brewed coffee makes my stomach feel really unsettled.

You know that burning feeling in your stomach you get sometimes when you drink hot coffee on an empty stomach?

That is due to the highly acidic nature of regular coffee.I love cold brew coffee so much more because it has a much smoother taste and High Brew Coffee manages to have a bold and full taste without any of the bitterness of regular coffee!

Why is High Brew Coffee the Best Cold Brew On the Market?

  • It has 2x the amount of natural caffeine

  • It has a smooth bold finish that is bold not bitter

  • It is less acidic than regular coffee due to the way it is made


How is High Brew Coffee Made?

David Smith, the CEO of High Brew says that High Brew Coffee uses Fair Trade certified, 100% Arabica Beans from Central and South America. The beans are coarsely ground up, making it easier to filter them out afterwards. Then the beans are soaked in cool temperature water overnight and once the coffee grounds are completely filtered out, you are left with a fresh batch of smooth and delicious cold brew coffee!

Some of the benefits of making coffee this way is that you do not release as many of the oils and acidic properties that you do when you make hot brewed coffee. Drinking highly acidic coffee on a regular basis can cause some gnarly issues like indigestion and heartburn(been there, not fun at all!)

This is why I love cold brew coffee because is so much less acidic than regular coffee, up to 70% less acidic and that is why it has a bolder, sweeter flavor and is not bitter at all! Also by soaking the coffee for a long period of time you release more of the good stuff out of the beans which are the naturally occurring caffeine. This is why High Brew Coffee has 2 to 3 times more caffeine than regular coffee!

You know how much I love using coffee as a pre workout so I drink a Black and Bold about 30 minutes before working out and I am ready to go!

High Brew Coffee

The 5 Flavors they have are the original Double Espresso flavor which is only 50 calories and gives you a delicious and quick burst of caffeine when you are on the go! I love keeping one of these in my purse when I need a quick burst of energy(basically everyday before I hit the gym)

My favorite is the High Brew Coffee – Ready to Drink – Black and Bold – Dairy Free – 8 oz – Case of 12 – 20 Calories
Black and Bold Dairy Free flavor which is only 20 calories and has a single gram of sugar while still tasting flavorful and rich. It amps me up to get my day started and still manages to taste smooth even though it isn’t loaded with sugar, it’s pretty magical

The other flavors are perfect for those who are looking for a healthier low calorie alternative to their traditional every day sugary Starbucks drink, Dark Chocolate Mocha tastes like a sip of chocolate heaven and can totally take the place of a sugary Starbucks Mocha which has up to 55 grams or more of nasty refined sugar!

It’s cold brew coffee infused with rich cacao and only has 60 calories and 8 grams of sugar! Win-win!

Salted Caramel is another sweet and satisfying flavor that I love to reach for if my sweet tooth kicks in, it has a touch of sea salt and a yummy caramel taste, who needs a crappacino when you can sip this stuff instead?

Last but definitely not least is the Mexican Vanilla flavor which is like a beautiful union between two delicious beans when you mix the exotic vanilla flavor with Arabica beans it truly does taste like a little sip of heaven! It also only has 60 calories!

Not all cold brew coffee is created equally and High Brew Coffee really is the best portable cold brew coffee on the market right now.

This is a genuine product review because I love coffee and am always looking for healthy and lower calorie alternatives to help people lead a healthier life and I know how many calories certain drinks at Starbucks or your favorite coffee chain can have, and High Brew is deliciously satisfying alternative!

You can find High Brew Coffee at your local grocery store or online 

Happy Sipping!




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  1. Jan
    July 22, 2017 / 11:22 am

    Cold brew coffee is gentle on your bladder, no need for myrbetric for bladder urgency.

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