The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Happy Monday guys! So today I am really excited to bring you a special post all about mindfulness and meditation courtesy of my wonderful guest blogger Kate from Bubbles at Breakfast! She is a smart and adorable Aussie from across the pond and her blog is filled with positivity and information that aims to inspire others to live a life that makes them happy and fulfilled every day. Well I am all about that!

Kate is an absolute sweetheart and when we were trying to come up with ideas about what we could collaborate on something that really stuck out was my was my desire to learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation.  Two things I have repeatedly tried to focus on for a while now but somehow I always seem to give up on after only a few days. Have no fear, Kate is here to break it down for you guys as she has been practicing these wonderful habits for years and it has truly changed her life for the better! So without further a due I’ll hand it over to Kate


The Beautiful Kate from Bubbles at Breakfast

Good morning beautiful souls! I am super excited to be a guest blogger for Young Fit N fabulous today and can’t wait to delve into something I am truly passionate about, mindfulness.

I write a positivity and wellness blog called Bubbles at Breakfast and mindfulness is at the heart of what I believe. I discovered mindfulness after taking stock of my life a while back. I was always stressed, tired, irritated and in a negative space mentally. Everything seemed like it went wrong and every word, every action and every sequence of events felt like the world was against me. I found myself in a place where I felt like “if I just get through all this rubbish then I will feel better”. It was from these experiences that I one day realized that I was living for the future, looking ahead to what I thought would be a better day while focusing all my energy on not feeling low. I would focus on ‘just getting through the day’ which meant days would pass without me truly being present. What I later learned was that by focusing on getting through the rubbish I was actually channeling all my energy to the negative, and as the law of attraction says ‘like attracts like’ so all I was getting in return was more negativity. You could say I was stuck in a rut.

So How Did I Snap Out of the Negative Mindset?

Practicing Mindfulness!

There is no short cut to transforming your life, sorry to say. The brain is an intricately hot wired object that holds great power over us – if we let it. Retraining ourselves to empty the mind and see the world for what it really is rather than reacting emotionally to events and circumstances is an art. An art called mindfulness. The fundamentals of mindfulness are simple, recognize how you are feeling and be aware of your thoughts, sensations and emotions as they happen. It is in the practice of mindfulness that comes the difficulty.

Mindfulness is like the gym, you can’t go once and expect the perfect body. Mindfulness is a lifestyle, a state of mind that comes from recognition followed by habit. In a world full of technology and information overload it can be hard to not only find the time to practice mindfulness but also to clear the mind and be mindful rather than mind full.

Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness. When people think of meditation often they think of sitting crossed legged chanting “Om” over and over again. Whilst this is one level of meditation, meditation can also be any form of activity that centers you, clears the mind and brings your attention to the present moment. Maybe you enjoy the popular movement of coloring which is very powerful in clearing the mind. Maybe you enjoy sitting and listening to music. What ever it is, incorporate it into your daily life and use this as your you time. A time when you check in with all your senses and let go of all the thoughts being processed by the brain. A time to be aware of your body, how it feels, how you are breathing, listening to the noises around you, the smells in the air. A time to do nothing but be.


Start small and don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve more than you can at a given time. A few minutes a day of genuine mindfulness will soon become a habit and daily norm to build on. What you want to build up to is the ability to stay mindful throughout your day. To recognize how something makes you feel as it happens and allow that feeling to pass whilst staying grounded. Mindfulness is a much more emotionally intelligent space to be in and you will notice with time that things that used to bother you no longer hold any influence over you emotionally.

Mindfulness doesn’t come easy and it won’t happen the first time but stick with it and you will be awakened to a whole new way of being that will attract positivity and happiness into your every day life.


Well thank you so much Kate! If you want to read more Kate then I suggest heading over to her awesome blog and reading all of her uplifting and inspiring articles! Also you can find her on Instagram as well Bubbles at Breakfast 

As somebody who suffers from anxiety I was thrilled to read this article which claims that mindfulness, when practiced everyday, can work as well or even better than taking anti depressants. I am all about natural cures and I am determined to learn all I can about Mindfulness and Meditation! I’ll let you guys know how it goes, and it you have any tips about how to get started that you have found beneficial yourself then leave your comments down below! Hope you guys are having a great start to the week!



Some amazing books that have helped me learn more about mindfulness and meditation are Mindfulness for Beginners  which teaches you how to be present in the current moment, and it really helped me a lot to slow down and appreciate the here and now.

I also loved the book Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28 Day Program which teaches you that there is no wrong way to meditate as well as shows how meditation can be a powerful tool to combat stress, lower blood pressure, and be happier in general. I loved it!



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