Why Diet Soda is the Devil!

Diet Soda is the Devil!


Diet Soda, let me just get this off my chest, my name is Harriet and at one point in time I drank up to 5 cans of Diet Soda a day, I know! SO GROSS! Trust me I shudder even thinking about it, I am here today to tell you why it is absolutely terrible for, can seriously hinder your weight loss efforts and contribute to belly fat and so much more!

Why Diet Soda is the Worst!

  • It has absolutely ZERO nutritional value
  • It screws up your skin and ages you prematurely ! Studies have shown that drinking diet soda on the reg has been known to lower your body’s pH levels, which can cause bad acne and make your skin appear dull and sallow! Um no thanks!
  • It contains nasty Aspartame which is the artificial sweetener added to diet soda that gives it that sickly artificial flavor. It has even been called “the Most Dangerous Substance on the Market” and this source says “Aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious, including seizures and death” Consuming Aspartame has even been linked to conditions as serious as anxiety and depression, changes in mood, dementia, birth defects, diabetes, ADD and Parkinson disease.
  • It’s making you fat! A new study found that people who drank diet soda even as little as one can a day gained about three times the amount of belly fat over a nine year longitudinal study than those who did not have die soda as part of their diet. Trust me I have been that girl who has ordered a cheeseburger at In n Out and a Diet Soda and thought well at least I’m making one low calorie choice! However I was totally fooling myself, Diet Soda is the devil and should be avoided at all costs, I would almost go as far as to say drink a regular coke than a diet coke.

But Harriet how do I break my Diet Soda Addiction?! Well I’m SO glad you asked because I will tell you how I broke my self-destructive diet soda habit and haven’t had a sip for over a year!


Step 1

If you drink soda because you love the carbonation you need to find a healthier fix and I got totally balls to the wall addicted to Pellegrino, which is simply sparkling water and I added a slice of lime or lemon for a bit of added flavor. I drank that anytime I craved Diet Soda and I swear it helped because the bubbles fill you up! I love adding mint leaves to give it an almost virgin mojito type of taste!

Step 2

If you are drinking it because you need a boost mid day then you need to find a healthy caffeine fix! So instead of drinking a diet soda have some iced Black Tea or a cup of Coffee instead. It will give you that needed boost without the other negative side effects!

Step 3

Just say NO! Honestly this shit can be as addictive as a drug, you can learn more about the dangers of artificial sweeteners in my other post here, but really the more you can just practice saying no to diet soda and ordering something else the easier it will become and now if I accidentally have a sip of my mom’s diet soda I can not even stand the taste! It tasted like artificial garbage and Pellegrino with a garnish is so much more thirst quenching.

You can do it! I urge you to kick your Diet Soda habit to the curb before it harms your health. Kick the habit and stay young fit and fabulous forever!

XOXO Harriet



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