Why Washing Your Make Up Brushes is a Non Negotiable!

Washing Your Make Up Brushes

It’s a given that you brush your teeth everyday, shower every day or every other day, and wash your face hopefully every morning and night! However if you want clear skin every day then washing your make up brushes is simply a non negotiable!

You are going to great lengths to take care of your skin, to keep it clear and youthful looking, applying sunscreen everyday and wearing glasses to protect your delicate eye skin from wrinkling prematurely. However these good habits are basically nullified if you don’t also wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis!

Ideally you wash those suckers every week because if not you are basically brushing on a week, month, or sometimes years worth of dirty, oil, and grimey hoop onto your beautiful face every day! Ew!

Makeup brushes are not cheap, the good quality makeup brushes can sometimes run up to 100 dollars so you want to treat those puppies with the TLC they deserve and make sure you are washing your makeup brushes so they can last longer.

Washing Your Make Up Brushes

Why You Absolutely Need To Be Washing Your Make Up Brushes on the Reg!

  1. Major acne breakouts! If you have bad skin and you think that maybe you need to switch foundation or powder, maybe change the way you apply that makeup first, because it could very likely be that the dirt, dead skin cells, oil, grease, and bacteria in your makeup brushes you use to apply this makeup could be the real culprit.

2. They are like the Hunger Games for bacteria, a real effing breeding ground! “Let’s say you don’t wash your brush, allowing it to accumulate bacteria, dust, and dirt. Then, you swirl it in your expensive face powder or gel eyeliner, transferring all that grime into your beloved products. Gels and creams are wet environments where germs can multiply, just waiting for you to feed them again with a dirty brush”source

Don’t let germs win! Wash your make up brushes!

3. Dirty Brushes Can Give You Herpes and Pink Eye, oh what fun!! Germs loves to grow in my least favorite word’s environment “a moist one”, for the love of all that is pretty don’t share your makeup with other people! It’s one think when you are putting your own oil and dead skin cells back into your face(still super disgusting) but it’s a total other thing when you are basically swapping spit with your friends or strangers(true story I got mono while doing music theater, no not in a fun way or anything like that, through mother effing lipgloss that was shared around like candy used on every damn cast member in the production. Talk about a crazy mono outbreak!) so don’t be the gross person at Sephora who tries out the lipstick or lipgloss, really any of the makeup their because God knows who could have put their grubby little fingers and mouths on that stuff! Herpes, mono, and pinkeye can result from sharing your makeup brushes and tools around!

4. Take Care of Your Investment! Makeup brushes are not cheap, they can range anywhere from 5 dollars up to 100 and the good ones are usually around 40 dollars and up so take care of them! You wouldn’t lets nice a handbag get dusty and digesting so don’t let your makeup brushes get grimy and gross. Do yourself a favor and wash your make up brushes!

5. They Can Mess Up Your Desired Makeup Look! If you are using the same makeup brushes for an extended period of time without washing them the dirty makeup brushes can affect your desired makeup look. If you don’t clean your brushes on the reg past pigments can get stuck in the brushes, which can discolor any other shadows. For example, if you did a smokey eye one day, and use the brush for a more neutral light look afterwards, you may not get the color result you want. Not cleaning your brushes can ruin your hard work and the look you are trying to achieve

Washing Your Make Up Brushes

This amazing tutorial from one of my favorite blogs The Every Girl gives a great tutorial about how to clean your makeup brushes!

Cleaning them does not have to be some tedious task, it’s quick and painless and saves your skin and brushes from unnecessary harm. So run don’t walk to your makeup bag or vanity and give your brushes a good solid clean! Doing so will help you to stay young fit and fabulous for years to come!




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