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Hey guys! So my favorite thing beyond a reasonable doubt is being able to connect with you all online and offline, through e-mail and messages on Facebook and Instagram, and now Snapchat!

I love hearing from you all and so I decided that I want to give you a little weekly update about what has been happening lately in my life and bring you all along for the ride through photos and pretty soon Youtube videos and perhaps a PODCAST coming your way very soon which I am thrilled about. I have a big mouth, a lot of opinions and I am the least PC person so why not find a creative medium to let that all out!

What Has Been Happening Lately

This past week I went up to go visit my parents who recently moved up to Santa Monica, which is absolutely beautiful and of course I had to play tourist and since I had my foodie fiancé in tow we had to try the top rated places to eat while we were there as well!

The first thing we did when we got there was head straight to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, which is a huge tourist attraction in the area for shopping and amazing to die for food. My fiancé is obsessed with Chicken and Waffles so of course I researched the crap out of the best place to get them in Santa Monica and low and behold there was a really high rated place on the Promenade itself called Bruxie!


An Amazing Breakfast Place “Bruxie” in Santa Monica


Order the Chicken and Waffles!! So Freaking Delicious

After we ate we walked along the Promenade and shopped a little bit and I fell in love with this to die for Jumpsuit, and trust me I am NOT a jumpsuit type of person but being in Santa Monica it just felt easy and fun so I bought it!


Urban Outfitters! So cute!


We had to stop for a quick Margarita Break! I had Strawberry and he had a Cadillac! Delicious!

After getting our buzz one we headed back to my parent’s house where we stayed for the night and prepared for dinner at one of the best Italian restuarants I have ever been to in my life! I split the mushroom rissoto with my dad and we all split this scrumptious Bruschetta starter! I highly recommend La Vecchia Cucina!


Delicous Bruschetta Appetizer!

Basiclly we ate our way through Santa Monica but went to the gym and walked for miles every day, it kind of reminded me of New York in the sense that you eat and then walk after so you don’t feel too guilty about splurging. You only live once so just do everything in moderation! Get good food and eat a small piece, use Betheny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Motto “Taste Everything and Eat Nothing”, so I try my best to live by that!


Adorable Waffle Iron Details at Bruxie!


Stopped at 800 Degrees Pizza in Santa Monica before we left! So delicious!




Had to get a Blowout at Dry Bar Santa Monica by the amazing Yumi Kotani


Beautiful Sunset by the Ocean!


When got back to San Diego we checked out the brand new Liberty Market down in Point Loma and it was soooo crowded as it was the first weekend it had been open but it was so worth it! The way that the food was displayed was gorgeous and we definitely enjoyed some treats. I kept it healthy and had a Baja Bowl at this cute Healthy Fast Food place called Local Greens!



Healthy and Delicous!

And there you have it, a little fun recap that was mostly food related, let me knows if you guys enjoy these posts and what you want to see more of! Thanks so much for stopping by and have an amazing Wednesday! Remember to always stay Young Fit and Fabulous!

XOXO Harriet


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