Snapchat is Changing the Social Media Game


Snapchat! We all use it, but probably have no idea why it is so damn addictive! I have to say that the more I get involved in the huge world of social media and the different ways in which people communicate the more I find myself gravitating toward Snapchat. It has a different feeling to it than all other forms of communication in my opinion and does not feel as stale as Instagram, or as blah as Facebook(please share more photos of your trip to Cabo), instead Snapchat it is literally CHANGING THE GAME and the way in which we communicate with one another!

Call it the instant gratification that our generation seeks of taking a photo and immediately sharing it with others, girls posing in groups in trashy bathrooms, your nephew’s little league win, or you and your significant other making out, etc. it is not enough for us to just post that stuff to Instagram and see how many likes we get. Our egos need to be stroked on a greater scale!

We want to share that stuff in photo or video form on Snapchat and actually see how many people have viewed it, and even whose screenshot it to do God knows what with it later! In addition to those features you have the ability to now follow some of your favorite celebrities, athletes, or even just bloggers you really admire(like The Skinny Confidential  her snapchat is literally the best thing ever! Add her LaurynEvarts) you can now snap them pictures of photos, interact with them in the “chat with…” section and if you are lucky they sometimes respond! It is so gratifying and instantaneous and it will be huge in 2016, as predicted by the one and only Gary Vee!

He believes that this year Snapchat will be “one of the biggest apps among the 13-40 year old sector” source

“Snapchats are real personal moments. When someone sends you a Snap and you can reply in real time, within minutes of it, it’s extremely personal”

Snapchat Allows us to Not Commit

Snapchat is an amazing way to interact with one another, it makes you feel like you are having a special and unique conversation with somebody else and you are! I am heading up to Los Angeles this weekend and would love to share my experience with you guys via snapchat so go on and add me, if you are reading this on your phone screen shot the top photo and got to add friends and then add by snap code!

Another source says it really well why Snap Chat is taking the world by storm

“Snapchat photos are used as pure, media-rich conversation; the distribution of fleeting moments without the added complexities of other social networks. We’re sharing a passing moment in time… and then it’s gone, as if you were there. It’s less precious, less nostalgic, and more about sharing that moment.

We can’t be liars on Snapchat. It’s realtime, and with no filters. And it’s not worth lying — it’s 10 seconds, for god’s sake.

We, the millennial generation, have evolved to actually seek and desire impermanence. With our growing fear and distrust of Facebook, our privacy, our online reputations, and every decision we’ve made before this current moment, impermanence is a blessing”

So snap often, snap your real life, and share it with the world. Engage with other people and have fun with it! Add me and I’ll add you back, happy snapping!!







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