It’s Time to Break Up with Splenda!


First of all you should be avoiding artificial sweeteners at all costs anyway, but if you have been adding Splenda to your morning coffee, now is the time to stop! A new study has come out showing that sucralose, sold under the product name Splenda, significantly increased your risk of developing Leukemia, and other type of cancer as well.

A new study has come out in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health that shows that when mice were given large amounts of sucralose (what Splenda really is) throughout their lives they developed leukemia and cancerous tumors. Scary stuff! And yes I know that mice aren’t humans but still I don’t want to be putting anything in my body that could cause those types of issues, even for mice!

How Much Artificial Sweetener is Too Much?

The study conducted focused on a dose of sucralose akin to 10 cans of Diet Coke a day, and yes I am totally guilty of the whole “Oh I’ll have an In n Out Cheeseburger Protein Style with a Diet Coke”, totally convinced that my zero calorie beverage negates my rather unhealthy burger. However artificial sweeteners, especially Splenda are found in over 4,500 food and beverages!!


My good friend Joshua Zitting posted a really informative video all about dieting and artificial sweeteners which I definitely recommend checking out!

Honestly just quit artificial sweeteners in general, there are so many alternatives that you can use that are way better for your overall health and just as delicious!

Those include

  • Local Honey (which can help cure your seasonal allergies, but that’s another post)
  • Real Maple Syrup
  • Fruits of all kinds including dates, apples, etc.
  • Sweet Vegetables including carrots, beets, and caramelized onions

This site says that “the results of the study, however, were enough to prompt the Center For Science in the Public Interest — a nutrition watchdog group — to downgrade its safety rating of sucralose from “caution” to “avoid.”

So basically just add a drop of almond milk and maybe a little drizzle of honey if you want to add some sweetness to your morning cup of joe (or in my case 3 cups) and avoid having to worry about whether or not your daily fix of caffeine could lead to cancer down the line. Sip Safely People!!

XOXO Harriet



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