Why I am Balls to the Wall “Obsessed” with Oil Pulling


I use the word “obsessed” a lot, and I totally get that it’s a little extreme but honestly I hate it when people won’t share their own tips and tricks for beauty and health. I am all about sharing stuff and I will tell anybody who will listen about home remedies I love and I wish that other people were just as eager to share their tips for living their best life possible. This isn’t a competition, why can’t we all have an awesome cheek defining contour and perfectly moisturized skin, yah know what I’m saying?

So maybe I’m a bit late to the oil pulling party that seems to be sweeping the Internet by storm for the last few years but after hearing some rave reviews and dealing with a gnarly hangover last week, I was depose rate for relief, so what did I do? I Googled the crap out any and all natural remedies I could use to stop the impending feeling of hangover death, and low and behold oil pulling popped up as a amazing cute all treatment recommendation, and guess what? After twenty minutes of some serious swishing and pulling with raw coconut oil, I felt so so much better, so I had to share!

First of all What The Eff is Oil Pulling?!

According to this site, “Oil pulling refers to putting a teaspoon of oil in your mouth then swishing & pulling it between your teeth for 20 minutes.  I know it sounds completely bazaar & pointless, but I can assure you IT’S NOT.  Over the years, people have reported all sorts of crazy oil pulling benefits”.

Honestly after the hangover was gone however I wanted to know more about what else this wonderful magic Oil Pulling trick could do for me and it has some truly insane benefits that people have apparently experienced!


Including but not limited to

  • Whiter teeth

  • Cavity and gingivitis prevention • No more Bad Breath

  • Stronger teeth and gums

  • Relief from TMJ, (which I also suffer from as I grind my teeth like a lunatic in my    sleep)

  • Help with Sleep Problems and Sinus issues

  • Alleviation of headaches

  • Hangovers Help (I can totally testify to this as after oil pulling my nausea was just gone and I wanted to kiss the Coconut Oil Gods!

  • Skin issues (reports have shown improvement in acne, psoriasis and eczema)

How Eff Do I Oil Pull?!

  1. So the first step is to pick an oil, I love coconut oil in general and because it is has strong anti bacterial properties I’m going to stick to oil pulling with raw coconut oil, but you can use any other type of vegetable based oil, sesame oil is a close second for what people use.

  2. Next, take a tablespoon of that oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes, but if you are new to this start with 10 and build it up from there!

  3. Also be gentle with swishing. No need to aggressively pull the oil through your teeth and get your jaw locked up! Make it a gentle and relaxing therapeutic experience. When I was pulling I just noticed the sensations occurring in my body like my sinuses starting to drain(awesome bonus when all I wanted help with was debilitating hangover nausea)

  4. While you are pulling the oil will almost double in size as it draws in your saliva as well as the toxins in your body. Make sure you do NOT swallow the oil as as the oil is now full of toxic bacteria that your body expelled!

  5. Once the 20 minutes (or however long you can make it for are up calm your tits it’s really not that hard to make it 20 minutes) spit the oil out into the trash can, not into your sink or down your shower drain, (I like to oil pull in the shower multitasking at it’s finest) where the oil may solidify and block up the drain. Then rinse your mouth with out with warm salt water and finish up your oil pulling ritual by brushing your teeth and flossing! Voila!

I would love to hear about your experiences with oil pulling, if you have any success stories or other things it has helped with. I definitely notice my teeth feel much cleaner after and even dare I say a bit whiter?

Happy oil pulling guys and remember to share your beauty tips with friends and family, and even strangers!! Don’t be a stingy Sally!!!!

Until next time lover, remember to always feel young, fit, and fabulous!

XOXO Harriet


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