Fitness Hack! BCAA Ice Cubes for the Win!

BCAA Ice Cubes

Hi my name is Harriet and I am a self proclaimed coffee addict and multi tasking freak!

Anybody else out there like me?

I will be writing a paper, watching a documentary about juice cleansing and playing catch with my dog all at the same time.

But seriously I am all about saving time and being efficient!

I know the importance of getting my BCAA’s everyday or Branch Chain Amino Acids, but sometimes I don’t remember to mix them into my water bottle before heading out for the day.

So your little Fit n Fabulous fairy godmother is here to give you a little fitness life hack as to how you can get in your daily BCAA’s in a fun and easy way!

I like to make BCAA Ice Cubes!! I got the idea when I was at a Café and ordered an iced coffee, I realized that the ice cubes were also made of coffee because it was a hot day and they knew that when ice melts it waters down your delicious beverage, so instead they just froze some coffee so when it melts down it maintains its full flavor! Genius!

So for my Ice Cubes I mix two scoops of my BCAA’s, I love 1Up Nutrition’s BCAA’s with Glutamine and Collagen for Women in a delicious Watermelon flavor with 2 cups of water.

BCAA Ice Cubes

Then I pour it out into a simple ice cube tray you can get at any supermarket and freeze. I then pop two or three into my water bottle before leaving the house in the morning or before heading to the gym.

BCAA Ice Cubes

(I am a big fan of The Office, who isn’t?? And I always remember when Pam is at the Dundie Awards and she is drinking melted ice in a margarita and says “Second Drink!”).

It’s the same thing with me at the gym because I pop some BCAA Ice Cubes in my water bottles and drink down the ice cold water and then as they melt and I refill by bottle I get a delicious BCAA mix to power me through my workouts!

Heidi Somers Aka Buff Bunny first introduced me to BCAA’s and the importance of using them everyday. She has this awesome youtube video  that talks about why BCAA’s are so important to take on a daily basis!



The Benefits of Taking BCAA’s on a Daily Basis

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids or the building blocks of protein

  • Helps with muscle growth, post workout fatigue, muscle recovery and endurance.

  • They also help reduce cravings for sweets and are awesome to sip on at night if a sugary craving hits because this particular BCAA’s tastes like a freaking watermelon jolly rancher and I love it!

The 3 main amino acids you want in your BCAA’s are

  1. Leucine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Valine

An article from Kaged Muscle called Know Your BCAA talks about how “Valine can reduce fatigue, and the rate of perceived exertion in your workout” meaning you will be working out at a high level than you realize because you will not feel the fatigue as much and you can push out an additional rep or two which in time can really make all the difference!

I take the same one that Buff Bunny does from 1UP Nutrition called Her BCAA’s with Glutamine and Collagen and it is for women and comes with glutamine and collagen added to it as well which I love, the collagen helps prevent aging and helps smooth out wrinkles as well as helps with things like stretch marks and digestion!

It also contains Glutamine that helps your body secrete human growth hormone and helps assist with fat loss (WIN!) In addition it helps your immune system and is used by your white blood cells to fight off infection!!


Overall BCAA Ice Cubes helps to save time, give your daily dose of Branch Chain Amino Acids and help with overall fitness and health. Try it out because it stupid how simple it is to make these babies and see if you like it! Happing Sipping!




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