Turmeric the Wonder Spice

Turmeric Health Benefits

Let’s talk Turmeric!

So I have to thank a certain blogger in particular Ms. Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential for letting me in on a little known secret about the magic of turmeric! I also just kind of assumed it was a spice used in Indian food to kick up the heat and flavor but I had no idea the insane amount of health benefits that come from incorporating turmeric into your diet.

Super inspired by Lauryn’s post about “Turmeric Golden Milk” which I immediately made and fell in love with, I delved into the deep world of the internet and grilled my sweet herbal medicine specialist Dr. Robert Mosher of Mosher Health in San Diego about the magical benefits of this wonder spice.

Ever since incorporating turmeric into my diet I have noticed that I have more energy, and a little pep in my step.

Somebody even called me “annoyingly upbeat” this morning, so I know this stuff is a real game changer!

How Have People Learned About Turmeric Health Benefits?

Before modern medicine was really discovered, people relied on herbal remedies to cure their ailments and that meant getting creative and really discovering what worked and what didn’t.

Dr. Mosher said that a lot of his patients come in complaining of one ailment or another and have been given prescription medication that they don’t want to take before exploring a more natural remedy.

He oftentimes gives them turmeric pills to take and he has seen amazing things in his practice from this little spice!

“Turmeric” the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease.

There have been hundreds of thousands of peer reviewed published articles proving the benefits of turmeric and one of its renowned healing compounds curcumin and many studies have reported that turmeric can be more affective than certain prescription drugs

This fascinated me because I am that person that would rather drink two glasses of water first if I have a headache than popping some Advil right away, I like to know what’s really going on in my body rather than just simply masking the underlying issue temporarily with a pill.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Health Benefits

1) It’s a Badass Anti Inflammatory– some studies claim that all disease is really a byproduct of inflammation in the body and turmeric’s ability to keep diseases from immersing comes from it’s anti inflammatory nature. Inflammation is important for our overall heath, it helps the body to fight infection and can help repair damaged tissue, however while short term inflammation is beneficial, long term inflammation in the body can be deadly.

It is just recently discovered that almost all chronic illnesses in Western culture can be linked in some way to long term damaging inflammation, this includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions.

It turns out that curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric is a huge anti-inflammatory agent, so powerful in fact that you could event try drinking some of before reaching for an Advil next time you are in pain.  

Curcumin is a bioactive substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level.

2) Helps Fight Off Depression– It’s been said to have the same effect as Prozac on people battling depression and doesn’t come with a buttload of side effects. As somebody who suffers from anxiety and occasional depression I am willing to try just about anything to keep those debilitating feelings at bay.

After adding it to my diet in about two weeks I can definitely say that I feel more peaceful, and am sleeping a lot better.

A study was recently conducted and published in the journal Phytotherapy Research showing the results of an amazing, innovative study this past year.  The study took 60 volunteers diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) and split the group to determine how patients treated by curcumin reacted against fluoxetine (Prozac) and a combination of the two.

Not only was it discovered that all patients tolerated curcumin well, but they discovered curcumin was as effective as Prozac in managing depression.

According to the authors, “This study provides first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe therapy for treatment in patients with Mild Depression.”

3) Turmeric Can Help Prevent Weight Gain and Help with Weight Loss and Fat Loss 

One study says that “curcumin (once again, a compound within turmeric found in extracts and the food itself) consumption directly decreased levels of insulin resistance and leptin resistance — two factors heavily linked to fat gain and by diminishing the sediment of fat, relaxing the lymphatic return, and refraining the apoptosis of beta cells, the curcumin might significantly decrease the level of insulin resistance and leptin resistance caused by the high fat diet.”

4) It Can Help People Who Suffer from Alzheimer’s 

The study showed that three patients with Alzheimer’s disease “behavioral symptoms were improved remarkably”as a result of consuming 764 milligram of turmeric (curcumin 100 mg/day) for 12 weeks and all three patients exhibited irritability, agitation, anxiety, and apathy, two patients suffer from urinary incontinence and wonderings.

They were prescribed turmeric powder capsules and started recovering from these symptoms without any adverse reaction in the clinical symptom and laboratory data. After only 3 months of treatment, both the patients’ symptoms and the burden on their caregivers were significantly decreased.”You can read more about that here 

So it’s a win win, whether you are looking to lose weight or simply keep your fit and fabulous figure in tip top shape, adding some turmeric to your diet won’t hurt a flea!




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