Badass Fitness Tip: Drink Some Coffee Before You Work Out!!


One of the most effective pre-workout drinks might surprise you, and you won’t find it on the shelves of your local supplement store. You don’t have to scoop it out of a bottle with a flashy label and mix it with water. All you have to do is buy or brew a cup or two of black coffee and drink it before working out!

 Finding the time and energy to workout being a busy college student can be tough, but drinking some caffeine can give you that extra burst of energy you need to hit the gym, go for a run, or do an kind of exercise. Reaching for either a cup or two of coffee is a much healthier alternative than grabbing a chemical filled energy drink like a Monster or Red Bull (Ick!!)

 Caffeine not only provides you with an energy boost it also has a number of health benefits that come along with it.

1) Fating Burning Properties!!!! My favorite benefit

  • According to this website, caffeine when taken before exercise has the specific ability to burn off the fat stored in the soft internal organs of the body, meaning stubborn belly fat and love handles (Yay!!)

It has also been shown that by drinking 100-200 mg of coffee, or the equivalent of a tall black coffee at Starbucks, your body will be able to use fat cells as a source of energy while working out instead of the cellular energy it usually uses.(glucose or carbs). Helping you to lose fat more effectively! When you exercise, the demand for the fuel and energy to help you exercise increases and your body responds by tapping into your glucose levels that are stored in your muscles.

  • Glucose, also known as the sugar that comes from your intake of things such as fruit, bread, pasta and other types of carbohydrates.

Your body uses the glucose that is stored in your muscles as the first line of energy, when you start to exercise, also called your cellular energy. This energy gets burned up very quickly when you work out and it does not allow your body to tap into the fat you want to burn when exercising as easily as you would like. By consuming caffeine taken before exercising, you can help your body to use your fat cells as the mains source of energy instead which will lead to better fat loss. 2) Increased Athletic Performance or a Better Workout!!!

  • Several studies have shown a strong link between caffeine intake before exercise and increased athletic performance.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine found that athlete’s could train at a higher level of intensity and also train for longer periods of time after consuming caffeine. This occurs because caffeine works on the nervous system. After consuming even one cup of black coffee there is an increase of adrenaline released into the bloodstream helping your body to not feel as fatigued.

  •  Caffeine should be taken an hour before you intend to work out or perform athletically to maximize it’s benefits and should only be used once a day to avoid overstimulation. The maximum amount of caffeine you can safely consume in a day is 400 mg, or the equivalent of four cups of coffee.
  •  Drinking caffeine before working out can also help to decrease muscle pain during your workouts

3) Helps You Push Harder and Workout Longer!! Decreased Muscle Pain While Working Out and After Working Out! Consuming even one cup of coffee before exercising can help to decrease muscle pain and help you to increase your performance. Caffeine may help you to push just a little bit harder during strength training workouts, resulting in better improvements in muscle strength and overall endurance A study conducted at the University of Illinois found that people who consumed caffeine before exercising experienced less perceived muscle pain during their workout than people who had not consumed caffeine, read more about the study here  When it comes to coffee and exercise, a little can go a long way. For an extra kick before that workout or athletic event, tip back a cup or two of coffee and feel the wonderful benefits buzz through you! Xoxo Harriet


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