My Thoughts on Bulletproof Coffee

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Hey guys so I came across something a few months ago that I wanted to share with you, it’s a sort of fad going around called Bulletproof Coffee.

It was started by an entrepreneur and “bio hacker” named David Asprey and he wrote extensively about it on his blog Bullet Proof Exec and claimed that by drinking this 450 calorie beverage every morning he was able to lose more than 80 pounds by following a high fat diet.

Let’s just do a little nutrition info sesh here for a second and be reminded that eating fat does not make you fat and also eating saturated fat in the form of coconut oil, grass-fed butter, etc. is actually good for your health and brain functioning, but that’s a separate post I’ll write.

I was intrigued when I learned about bulletproof coffee and what he claims it does so I did some research and tried it out for myself, but first what is it exactly?

Dave discovered this life changing drink when he was hiking in a chilly part of Tibet and an old Tibetan woman showed him the power of yak butter mixed into tea. He immediately felt better and less cold and could breathe at this high elevation on a mountain, and something clicked that this beverage had to be able to be replicated in the U.S. He now promotes the following version of his yak butter tea everyday as a breakfast replacement and claims that it will do some amazing things.

–   2 cups of coffee

–   2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter (unsalted)

–   1 tablespoon of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, or coconut oil as I triedphoto 1 Claims

  • He also claims that it will give you boundless energy and turn your body into a fat burning machine because most people are starved of healthy fats(this part is true but your body can not go into full on fat burning mode unless you are consuming most of your calories from healthy fats and not eating any starches or sugars).


  • Simply drinking this will not immediately turn on your fat burning mechanism and make your body a fat burning machine. If you were to drink this and then continue to consume fats and no refined starches or sugars than perhaps it could help you lose weight in the long run, but most people don’t do this.
  • I tried to do this for a week and honestly felt kind of ill at the amount of fat you are supposed to be consuming every morning in a cup of coffee even though it did have a nice creamy texture, my stomach just wasn’t feeling it

I would rather eat my fats with real food like veggies or lean meat and fish. Also just a word to the wise, most products claiming to give you jaw dropping results in a few weeks or making claims with words like “fat burning machine” will not work.

It takes a healthy diet and great workout regimen to lose weight and stay fit. However this is still a pretty delicious beverage and if it tickles your fancy to give it a try please let me know if you have found any luck with this diet

Xoxo Harriet      


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