I’m Baaaaccckkkkkk!!!!

Hey guys,

             So I have been in serious fitness and diet mode lately. I had some medical problems the past year that caused me to gain some weight that I have not been comfortable with at all. I am not a naturally larger person and I know that while I am not “fat” I am definitely not happy with what I look like right now and how I feel. Having had a very serious eating disorder it has made it that much harder to try and accept that I had to have some procedures done and take certain medication that made me gain about 30 pounds. I didn’t eat any more or workout any less except for when I was really ill but the pounds piled on.


             Now as I am finally off of my medications and am feeling better I wanted to kick my butt into high gear and really shed those unwanted pounds and see my abs again. That might sound vain but feeling weak and helpless when you are ill can really suck a lot of joy out of your life regardless of how great your friends and family are, if you aren’t happy with yourself than what’s the point. I basically just wanted to write a post because I feel like I am back:) I feel so motivated and have been working with an amazing personal trainer Brianna Sky who has been amazing and provided me with a custom meal plan and 6 day a week workout routine. Let me just say that I hate running and her program has me running everyday or sprinting and now, 3 weeks in I am officially not a slow poke anymore. I don’t give a rats ass that “bikini season” is almost over, I am going to get into great shape for myself regardless of whether I am in a bikini or not. Your fitness journey is EXACTLY that it’s “YOUR JOURNEY” and I am so ready to put in some hard work, sweat and miles into becoming the best version of myself possible.  

I will keep you all posted but so far I am down 10 lbs in the past month and can’t wait to shed the rest:) 

Love to you all, always stay positive and know that the best is yet to come

xoxo Harriet 


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