How to Bounce Back to Your Sexy Self After a Few Days of Eating Like Crap!

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Hey, we all do it, eat a bit too much in a day or in my case a weekend. Last weekend was my B-day and after a month of really clean eating and working out/sweating my ass off, I wanted to give myself permission to indulge guilt free.


Yep that’s right GUILT FREE! I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule and eating clean, whole foods, 80 percent of the time, but allowing yourself to indulge(not go bat shit crazy eat every cookie and pastry in sight) kind of indulgence, but eat foods that you really love and enjoy, because life is too short to give up everything you love in the name of clean and virtuous eating.

Some people may disagree and more power to you if you can eat clean 100 percent of the time, but I can’t and don’t want to. Life is about BALANCE not perfection and I strive to achieve a healthy balance in my life every single day.

I have been underweight at times in my life and felt such guilt over literally over indulging in celery! Freaking CELERY!! That’s seriously nutzo, and it is no way to live. When my future kids ask my about my 20’s I don’t want to say that I spent all of my time counting calories.

So last weekend I didn’t go nuts, but I fully enjoyed my Fleming’s Steak Dinner(omg the service was amazing, everybody wished me a happy birthday, so sweet), some wine, some devilishly delicious hot Cheetos, and some ice cream cake(my weakness, holy crap that stuff is like crack).

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But guess what, Monday morning, I was BACK. I decided that I needed to give my body some help to detox from a weekend of delicious indulgences, so I woke up and had two cups of hot water with lemon. Lemons are great because they help to flush impurities and toxins out of your body(aka hot Cheetos), as well as helping my body to debloat.

photo 4Tips

  • Drink as much water as possible to flush out your system.It also never hurts to eat foods that have a lot of water in them like celery, watermelon, and grapefruit
  • SWEAT IT OUT!! I know you feel bloated and nasty, I get it trust me, but get off your couch and be proactive about your body and health. Work out, go for a run or a walk, I ran for 30 minutes and did some light weights after, nothing major but I felt so much better after! Go to a steam room if you can too, in my last post I talked about how your skin is your largest cleansing organ in your body, so sweat that shit out!!
  • Avoid carbonated beverages(yes diet coke still counts), cut out booze for a week or two, it’s full of empty, bloating calories, I am not a big drinker anyway(I’d rather eat my calories) but to each their own. Also drinking tends to lead to some mindless eating which makes it hard to get your rockin sex kitten bod back on track!


My amazing boyfriend surprised me with a romantic picnic in bed

My amazing boyfriend surprised me with a romantic picnic in bed

>>What a day of recovery eating looks like for me<<

Hot water with lemon when I wake up and maybe a shot of espresso to kick my ass into high gear

Breakfast- Eat something that is filling enough to get you through a workout and sweat sesh, like steel cut oats with fruit, or a slice of Ezekial bread with some scrambled egg whites and avocado

Snack- Plain Greek yoghurt with berries and a dash of cinnamon(it speeds up the metabolism)

Lunch- Will always be a big salad filled with healthy lean protein like grilled chicken or turkey slices, with cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, some garlic, EVOO and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Snack- Almond butter with celery or apples

Dinner- Light meal of my skinny sexy tacos(recipe to follow) that are basically grilled chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, some other yummy veggies on a small corn street taco, about 100 calories per taco, and I have two. If I want some fake sour cream, I add a half tsp of plain greek yogurt on top of each taco and I swear it tastes better!

After dinner I make another cup of warm water with lemon and add some ACV(apple cider vinegar, remember it’s your new best friend:) and a dash of cayenne pepper to speed up my metabolism and detox even further, and also some honey if you don’t enjoy the taste of ACV(it’s weird you grow to love it)


My biggest piece of advice though is DON’T LOOK BACK! Have no regrets, I fully enjoyed my birthday weekend(yes I said weekend, but at least I don’t say birthday week/month like some of my closest gf’s, I mean Martin Luther King only gets one day ladies calm down!!).

It was my birthday and I enjoyed every single delicious and amazing second of it:)

Until next time lovelies,



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