Social Media Marketing in 2018 for Female Entrepreneurs

social media marketing in 2018 for female entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that more brands, bloggers, influencers and female entrepreneurs are realizing the immense power of social media and expanding their reach using social media marketing.


Therefore competition across all of these social channels is increasing more than ever as people’s attention spans are decreasing.


Making it more important now than ever to stay up to date with and fully embrace new trends in social media marketing.


Let’s talk about some of the biggest things to know about how to get your name out there as a female entrepreneur in 2018.


In 2018 we will see even more of an increase in brands spending money to expand their online presence. 2017 saw a 60% increase in the social media budgets of most brands and 2018 is looking to see an even bigger increase.


However some challenges will have to be faced in order to flourish online.


Challenges for Social Media Marketing in 2018


A HUGE Challenge that Female Entrepreneurs are facing in terms of Social Media Marketing is that their posts are getting WAY less organic reach!


Why Is That You Ask?


More businesses are looking to increase their presence on social media, platforms themselves are working harder than ever to combat things like spam so it is resulting in a loss of organic reach for you posts.


Meaning you might have to pay to play with Facebook Ads or investing other methods to gain exposure.


Get creative and pivot when needed! 


social media marketing in 2018 for female entrepreneurs

Top 2018 Social Media Marketing Trends That Female Entrepreneurs Need to Capitalize On

Instagram Stories


Ok I know this one feels like a bit of “duh well obviously Harriet” moment but stay with me!


Within the first year of debuting, Instagram stories surpassed snapchats view count by 20 million views a day.


Brands that are trying to connect with their customer via Instagram MUST take the time to get on board with posting daily stories.


People want to feel like they are getting a behind the scenes look into your life or into your brand and that is really what stories help to do, they help to brand you and cultivate a sense of a relationship with your audience.


It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C, Instagram stories are an AMAZING way to showcase your brand or company’s culture and put your process on display.

Another new aspect of Instagram stories that has only been around for about two months is including Polls/ Questions/ Tagging Your Location as that is a great way to engage with your audience as well.


Utilize Micro Influencers!


Brands and businesses are shifting towards the realization that micro influencers, meaning those with a smaller following (usually around 5k to 100k followers) are giving them a better ROI or return on investment compared to other methods of traditional digital marketing like Facebook Ads.


49% of people suggest that they depend on influencers for their purchase decisions.


Think about your favorite Bachelor In Paradise star, I think we’ve all seen Amanda Stanton rocking her Diff Eyewear Shades and MVMT Watches and saying “use code X to save”.


2018 social media marketing trends for female entrepreneurs


Or Jade and Tanner who just welcomed a beautiful baby girl sharing their favorite Hello Fresh meals that make prepping for healthy dinners easy!


These things tick with their audience and followers and they are much more likely to go and purchase these items after seeing their favorite reality TV stars using these products.


This isn’t just a trend but a billion dollar emerging industry that will only continue to grow.


So definitely look into utilizing micro influencers in your marketing campaigns so you save on Facebook Ad costs and instead increase your ROI like crazy!


Video Content Will Continue to Expand It’s Presence


Social Media is now Inundated with video content and that is only going to increase in 2018.


In 2017 spending on social media video advertising grew 130% this year, with no sign of stopping however this market is now heavily saturated.


Honestly though those words have never scared me at all and there is no such thing as a market that is too saturated.


You just have to be even more creative and work harder to create innovative and engaging content. 


Know what your audience wants and likes, ask them via Instagram Polls or Instagram Live Videos what they want to see more of.


Somebody who is AMAZING at doing this is Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential.


She knows her target audience and she asks them all the time what they want to see more of and then she delivers.


Having that relationship and open dialogue with your followers whether you are a blogger or a big brand is imperative to your success in terms of your social media marketing efforts for 2018.


Be accessible, responsive, and communicative with your followers and they will be loyal fans for life and that is what you want!


So get it girl!


These are just a few of my tips about what you can do to increase your online presence in 2018 as a female entrepreneur and take your brand to the next level.









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