Let’s Talk Affordable Yoga Clothes and Activewear

Let's Talk Affordable Yoga Clothes

Is anybody else out there feeling like Lululemon is a bit of a drag and a little bit or a lot overhyped or overpriced?


I wear yoga or fitness leggings pretty much everyday and I like high quality products(which Lulu definitely is) but some of their leggings or most of their leggings cost upwards of 100 dollars and that is honestly nuts considering that most people in America make less than 50k a year, add that to the ever rising cost of living, tuition, car, gas, the list goes on and on so while I do love to live in the treat yo self mentality I just can’t fork over a few thousand dollars for yoga leggings.


Being an influencer to me definitely involves sharing my favorite splurge items with you guys but I definitely don’t want people to think that I don’t operate on a budget because I do.


I want to show people that you can live stylishly on a budget and I also want to share with you my hands down favorite affordable yoga clothes store Love Yoga World which has the top rated yoga pants for a fraction of the price.


black and white yoga leggings

Black and White Yoga Leggings

The most I am honestly willing to spend on yoga leggings is 40 dollars but I still want top rated yoga pants and affordable yoga clothes so in walks Love Yoga World, the number one online discount yoga retailer and they have never let me down


Time and time again they have come out with the most comfortable, stylish, and most importantly affordable yoga clothes around!


Here are some of my favorite styles of leggings offered at Love Yoga World and I have a special 15% off code for all of my readers, at checkout just enter YFF15 and you will get 15% off your entire order and free shipping!


affordable yoga clothes

These are their new summer Heart of Palm Leggings 

affordable yoga clothes

These are my FAVORITE leggings ever their Pink Watermelon Leggings


I love this store because they are an ethical company that believes in safe and healthy working conditions for all of their employees which is rare.


I was previously partnered with a yoga clothing company and broke off all ties upon finding out they were using child labor to manufacture their clothes which made me sick to hear about and I wanted nothing to do with that company.


The special thing about Love Yoga World is that their clothing is “For Yogis By Yogis” and they sponsor a lot of amazing yoga retreats and events.


They also sponsor yoga teachers around the world to bring yoga to the masses in lower income communities who otherwise might not be able to afford yoga.


If you want to ensure that you get high quality yoga clothes without needing to break the bank check out Love Yoga World and use my exclusive 15% off code YFF15 at checkout!

affordable yoga clothes

2017 Women’s Mesh Long Sleeve Yoga Top

Let me know what you guys think and I hope you love their stuff as much as I do!




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  1. Jessica
    February 3, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Girl! Those watermelon pants are the BEST! Thanks for the info on affordable yoga clothes!

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