Why I Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase!

Why You Need to Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Who is a huge real housewives fan and is more than ok with that?

I know that I am and I will firmly argue in a court of law that it is not only a highly entertaining franchise but it has also played a HUGE part in the evolution of my beauty routine!

Honestly so many of those women defy age and look STUNNING albeit insane, but Ramona from RHONY is 60 and looks better than some 40 years old and my all time favorite housewife is Heather Dubrow from RHOC who won’t be back next season (I’ll get over it eventually).

However Heather and her celebrity plastic surgeon Terry are by far my favorite couple to get skin care tricks from and I will always remember the day my beauty routine was shook up.


Heather Dubrow Silk Pillowcase


I was watching  the glamping episode and Heather called Terry the next morning to say she was so mad she woke up with wrinkles and she couldn’t forgive herself for forgetting her SILK PILLOWCASES to sleep on!

SO obviously that got my brain firing away and I started furiously googling the benefits of silk pillowcases and low and behold she knew what was up and your skin doesn’t lie!

I have had silk pajamas before and overtime I would slip them on I would totally feel like Olivia Pope in Scandal and play the dangerous game of trying to eat popcorn and sip red wine at the same time(it never ended well) so I already loved the feel of silk against my skin.

I had to try it for myself after reading hundreds of women’s testimonies that sleeping on a silk pillowcase had anti aging properties, improved the health of their hair and kept their blowouts perfectly coifed while they slept and are also hypoallergenic, keep you cool at night so you can get better sleep and also help to moisturize your face!

Yes Yes Yes this sounded like some sort of beauty witchcraft and I was totally down!


Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

After extensive research I figured out that the best possible pillowcase to buy since not all silk pillowcases are created equal.


How to Choose a Silk Pillowcase


It’s essential that the pillowcase be 100% silk, because synthetic man made fibers are a no go for beauty and skin

Look for a long strand mulberry silk with a traditional charmeuse weave (yeah it’s bougie AF I know) but this is the smoothest and silkiest pillowcase around.

I got mine here and I mean amazon rocks and you can’t beat 2 day shipping right?

This pillowcase (like most silk pillowcases) is hypoallergenic, which is a nice plus for both myself and and other people who get easily irritated from certain fabrics and materials. The item description told me that it’s supposed to minimize wrinkles (don’t have those yet) and eliminate bed hair (do have that).


Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

  • My Skin Looked Brighter and More Radiant

  • I Woke Up with Sexy Hair and that tousled bed head look is always in and I definitely was feeling myself

  • Silk is known to cause less breakage of hair (which can cause split ends) because it is naturally a smoother surface. I guess they don’t call it “silky smooth” for nothing.

  • Silk retains moisture, and this can be great if you tend to have drier, more brittle hair like me. My hair is definitely prone to breakage and when I was sleeping on cotton I noticed I had more hairs on my pillow when I woke up.

Being able to reduce your split ends while you sleep is something I can definitely get on board with because honestly in today’s day and age who doesn’t have split ends.


The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction which in turn reduces split ends. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase.


After sleeping on a silk pillowcase for the last two weeks I am honestly never going back because it feels like sleeping in the lap of luxury and I now refuse to travel anywhere without it.


You already know that hotel sheets and pillowcases are a cess pool of germs and semen (seriously never bring a black light to the hotel I learned that one the hard way) so bringing my own pillowcase helps me sleep a bit more easily at night knowing that not only is my skin and hair being protected I also know it is only my germs on that pillow.


I couldn’t recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase more honestly and since I started my skin is clearer and soother and my hair looks sexy as hell when I wake up, so get your’s today and let me know how it changes your beauty game!




  1. Gretchen Synclaire
    January 16, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    You are so fun to read! I love my Silk pillowcase too! I noticed such a difference in my hair and skin when I started using my Silk pillowcase. My hair frizz dramatically lessened and my skin was so much softer. I bought my pillowcase from http://www.manitosilk.com. They use 100% Mulberry silk and I am going to buy their PJ’s next summer for a Bday gift to me!

  2. July 17, 2018 / 10:42 am

    Thank you for sharing this blog. Great blog!

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