Let’s Talk About the C Word


Cellulite Massage Roller

Cellulite is quite possibly my least favorite c word, like honestly.


You go to the gym, you eat healthy, and you avoid shoving a whole pizza down your throat after a few glasses of wine, and then you see the dimples on your thighs and ass in bikini photos….. Great. 


What now?


Do you want to get rid of the dreaded cellulite or “cottage cheese” look, as it is so lovingly referred to?

You’re not alone. Ninety percent of women have cellulite. 

What Is Cellulite? And Can You Really Get Rid of It?


The short answer is yes, if you work at it.

Today I am going to share two supermodel cellulite secrets that literally banish cellulite to the deepest layer of hell where it belongs. 

Cellulite is an extremely concentrated collection of fat cells that have dug their way the skin’s middle layer, where they pull on the connective tissue, creating an unattractive and cottage cheese like appearance on the surface of your skin 


What Can You Do to Get Rid of Cellulite?


Well I’m so glad you asked because dry brushing and using a cellulite massage roller will save your ass, literally!

How Does a Cellulite Massage Roller Work?


Massage through the form of a cellulite massage roller or dry brush helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite by increasing blood flow.

When you increase blood flow you are removing toxins and reducing excessive amounts of fluid in the fatty areas that contain cellulite.

Honestly cellulite is nothing to feel bad about because literally supermodels have cellulite and they strut down the runways looking flawless.

The difference is they know how to deal with it effectively!

Cellulite Massage Rollers work because massage drains bloated and swollen lymph nodes, making your skin appear smoother.

The more often you massage, say a few minutes every day, the better your results will be.

Cellulite Massage Roller

The key to removing cellulite all together is to get rid of the toxic buildup in your body that has accumulated over the years weakening the fibrous connective tissues

Cellulite plagues SO many of us and it is an aesthetic frustration that can make you feel far heavier and older than your actual age.

This is by far my favorite cellulite massage roller because of the four prongs and the low price, also the color is just so fun!

Cellulite Massage Roller

Another one of my favorite ways to get rid of dimples other than the cellulite massage roller is by dry brushing!


Why Dry Brushing Removes Cellulite


  • It sloughs away dry dead skin around areas like your knees, elbows and ankles
  • The act of brushing promotes tighter more toned skin, increases cell renewal and blood flow
  • Helps to give you a glowing and dimple free complexion
  • It is one of the best and cheapest, most effective things you can do to promote healthy and dimple free skin!

What Type of Dry Brush Should You Use?

The bristles should be natural and not fake/synthetic and the bristles should be somewhat stiff but not so hard that it is abrasive.

Look for a dry brush that an attachable handle so you can get into hard to reach spots if needed

This particular brush is my favorite because it promotes, but I also like this one because it has a longer handle and you can really get into your back and hard to reach places

Dry Brushing Cellulite

Benefits of Drying Brushing

  • Smoother skin – Use the dry skin brush and feel your skin getting softer and smoother
  • Exfoliates– removes dead dry skin, improving appearance, clearing your clogged pores, and allowing your skin to “breathe.”
  • Reduce Cellulite – softens hard fat deposits below the skin while distributing fat deposits more evenly to diminish the appearance of cellulite.
  • Stimulate Your Lymphatic System– Helps release toxins and stimulates lymphatic System.
  • Increase Circulation – Increases circulation to your skin and helps eliminate metabolic waste

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How Do You Dry Brush?


Only ever brush towards the heart.


Making long sweeping movements and avoid going back and forth or making scrubbing motions.


Start at your feet, moving up the legs on both sides, then work from the arms toward your chest.


On your stomach, direct the brush counterclockwise to stimulate better digestion.


Also don’t brush too hard.


Skin should be stimulated and invigorated but not irritated or red.


When and How Often Should You Dry Brush?


Dry brushing works by effectively opening your pores and is something that you should be doing daily.

It is extremely invigorating and totally wakes you up and gets your blood pumping!

Your skin should always be so the ideal time is in the shower before you turn on the water.

Also remember not to get the brush wet, hence why it’s called dry brushing.


Ok so there you have it guys, my top cellulite defying beauty secrets! So tell me if you have any of your own, I would LOVE to hear all about it!







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