Ditch Your Carrageenan Laced Almond Milk!

It’s time to run to your pantry and make sure your Almond Milk is not filled with Carrageenan! What’s Carrageenan? Well let’s talk about it

Carrageenan Is Not Health!

So I totally though that I was the queen of health when I gave up regular cows milk and switched to almond milk.

Little did I know that not all almond milk is created equally!!

There is this nasty little ingredient that can be snuck into almond milk called Carrageenan, and it should be avoided at all costs! Let me tell you why!

What is Carrageenan?

Basically it is a nasty additive that can be hiding in the most unsuspecting places, even in health food stores! It can be found in yogurt, coconut milk, even baby formula!

Why You Should Avoid Carrageenan!

Carageenan is not healthy and it is being marketed as a “safe and healthy ingredient” which makes me SO angry, because according to this source

“carrageenan appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella.

The result is inflammation, and potentially chronic inflammation if you regularly eat or drink products containing carrageenan”

So basically I got paranoid! Like seriously paranoid

A LOT of food manufacturers are adding it to foods like chocolate and even ice cream to give low fat foods a thicker consistency making them taste better.

For somebody like myself who has worked really hard to have a healthy and chemical free lifestyle, and who also deals with a lot of stomach related issues, there has been way too much research showing that carrageenan can directly effect gut health, no thanks!

The only brand I have been able to find without carrageenan in it this far is the almond milk from Whole Foods which is a whole foods brand called 365 Almond Milk!

I bought it and it tastes great, I also have been trying to replace almond milk with coconut milk because of the great fat burning properties and stomach soothing properties of coconuts!

However I still use almond milk in my coffee everyday, and in smoothies so I want to know I am not doing anything to further agitate my already sensitive stomach!

Obviously if you can make your own Almond Milk that is great and you know that it will be additive free! Here is a little easy cheat sheet to show you how!

How to Make Almond Milk!

Do you guys have any reconnections about your favorite almond milk, or opinions about carrageenan.

I know pretty much everything these days is labeled as being “cancer causing” but if you can avoid a few things that have been majorly studied as being cancer causing, I think I’ll do that.

Happy Sunday and I hope I could enlighten you guys a little bit about the dangers of Carrageenan and how you can avoid it!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow!




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