Get Outside and Play!

Get Outside and Play


Our society tends to dismiss play for adults as nothing more than a silly guilty pleasure or an unproductive waist of time. “You are an adult now, be serious, focus on your goals”!


That notion that if you stop and play and let yourself be, you will be wasting your time is a HUGE LIE!


With all of our daily responsibilities being adults, whether that comes from school, a job, children, even pets, we tend to put any form of play on the back burner.


When in reality we need to understand that playing is just as important for adults as it for kids.


It helps us get back to our childhood roots, relieves stress, and helps us to come up with great ideas.


Kind of like the shower theory, where you are taking and shower and focusing on something else and a great idea comes to you. The same things can happen if you take the time out of your day to play!


Summertime is here and what better time to go out and try some new ways to play with your family and friends? I have realized the importance of playing as an adult beyond childhood.


Ways You Can Get Outside and Play!

Get Outside and Move Your Body for an Hour a Day! Go outside and go to the park with your kids or take a standup paddle boarding class if you are lucky enough to live by the water! It’s summertime so water sports are particularly fun if you are trying to beat the hot summer heat!


My fiancé and I decided to run our first 5K together and we trained for it outside as well running by the water.


When race day finally came, crossing the finish line was so much fun and just getting next to run next to somebody I care about so much was a blast!


Get Outside and Play

Training together every not only helped us to bond together and decompress, but it was also a fun and lighthearted way to play while breaking a sweat!


Walk More because Your Body is Made to Move!

Family bonding is also really important as well, and event though my sister and I are out of the house now, we luckily all still live in the same town. So my mom, dad, sister and myself have found a new way to stay connected.


We all meet up on a Sunday morning and go for a long walk outside with our family dog Simon!


The benefits of walking together are numerous! Not only do we all get to reconnect and share what’s been going on in each other’s lives that past week and catch up, we reap the amazing health benefits that being made to move holds, including a reduced risk of heart failure and reduced overall stress levels.


It helps us feel connected and allows us to slow down and focus on one another without the outside world creeping in and stressing us out.


Playing together and trying new things, whether that be a new form of exercise, or a group activity for your family that gets you outside and back to nature, or just remembering to get in an hour of play and physical activity everyday can make a HUGE difference in your life!


The benefits of free outdoor play for both adults and kids leads to an overall improvement in our health both mentally and physically.


Go climb a tree! Get back to your childhood roots and decompress by going outside and seeing the beauty that a warm summer’s day provides us with! Look around!


Get Out and Play


Exercising outside in the summer is a great way for couples and families to get back to their childhood roots and get their play on!


I highly encourage all of you to get outside and get moving because being able to get out and play is something that everybody should be able to make time for to make sure they stay healthy and happy.





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