Spot Reduction is a Lie!

Spot Reduction is a Lie

Today I am here to set the record straight guys

Spot Reduction is a Lie!

I am here today because I have been getting a ton of questions recently from people asking me things like “if I walk everyday on an incline can I lose weight from my legs” or “my thighs are too big, how do I get thinner thighs without losing my butt?” or “how do I lose weight in my stomach quickly

So I hate to break it to you guys but somebody has to… ok are you ready?

There is no such thing as Spot Reduction!

You cannot just do a hundred sit up and expect to lose weight from your stomach.

You can’t do a million squats and expect to only lose weight from your legs but nowhere else.

Weight Loss and Fat Loss is a WHOLE BODY THING, Spot Reducing Does Not Work!

SO many people spend time Googling things on the Internet like “how do I get thinner thighs, lose weight from my boobs, or lose weight in my ass?”

That’s not to say that you don’t have a chance of losing fat from a certain area, you just need to know how body really loses fat.

It’s a giant waist of time because according to this site

“Within each fat cell is a fat known as triglycerides, which muscles are unable to use for energy, according to Yale Scientific.

Exercise breaks down triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids that subsequently travel through the bloodstream to the muscles they’re providing energy for.

The muscles use this energy, and then it’s released as heat, which is the reason it’s known as burning fat. Those fats get broken down all over the body during exercise, making it virtually impossible to target a single area.”

The only way to spot reduce is to get liposuction honestly, not that I recommend that but clearly it’s a personal choice.

Spot Reduction is a Lie

Exercise Targets Specific Muscles Not Fat!

The only thing that exercise targets is muscles, not the fat that is covering those muscles, so spot reduction is not possible.

So how exactly can you lose weight from the areas that you wish to lose it from?

Simply by creating a caloric deficit, and burning more calories then you take in. When you create a caloric deficit this causes your body to turn inward and use it’s own stored body fat as fuel causing you to burn fat!

“This is the ONLY thing that will ever allow you to lose fat from the entire body as a whole, and this is the ONLY way the human body is actually capable of losing fat.” Source

The good news though is that if you keep up a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine and create a caloric deficit in your body than you can’t help but lose fat! Eventually this fat loss will target the areas that you were initially trying to spot reduce, it might take longer than you had hoped because there are no quick fixes to target certain areas of your body.

I do recommend fasted cardio though as a way to target stubborn body fat like stomach fat which can help to speed up this process a little bit, you can read about that here

However it is important to break down these exercise myths and help people save money on diet and exercise programs that promise to help you lose weight from certain areas of your body, because it is not true and a waist of time and money!

Let’s bust this spot reduction myth once and for all and instead focus on helping people shed fat everywhere and get healthy, and know that eventually you will tone up and lose fat from the areas your were trying to spot reduce!

Is this something you guys would like to see turned into a weekly series, busting common exercise or diet myths? Leave a comment below to let me know!




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