Clear Skin Tips and Tricks

How to Get Clear Skin Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite topics, clear skin, how do you keep and maintain clear skin all year long? I definitely went through the awkward acne phase of my teens years and I was a notorious skin picker when I did have a pimple.

I was in the entertainment industry as well so I was sent to so many different dermatologists who put me on oral medication or prescriptions strength creams or gels that all left my either feeling sick or as if my skin was just peeling off of my face but the acne was still there.

Around the age of 16 I was so sick of all of these different creams that I decided to start searching for answers on my own.

I don’t like taking pills in general if I don’t have to and I wanted to find cures for my skin issues which were dryness, blackheads, and the occasional cystic monster pimple(those are the absolute worst).

I knew I needed another strategy than picking at my face and then trying to rectify the damage so I started looking for natural cures.

Through trial and error I found what works best for me and since I have implemented these treatments into my life I rarely have a breakout.

However when I when I do I can get rid of it within a day or two because I am now armed with knowledge about how to treat these breakouts and get clear skin quickly!

Clear Skin Tips Tricks

I hate it when you see somebody with beautiful and glowing skin and you ask them “how do you keep your skin so flawless?” and they respond with something annoying like “oh I use some products but I don’t really know the names”(and I walk away thinking sure…. you don’t know what you use everyday) share your secrets ladies and let’s all feel young fit and fabulous every single day!

Don’t be a stingy sally when it comes to spreading your beauty regime, so here I am spilling my beauty routine to all you lovely ladies(and maybe a few men?…. doubtful but who knows!)

How to Get Clear Skin!

So in the morning I love to feel like I’m cleaning off all of the dirt that accumulates on your face from my pillowcase at night( Clear Skin Tip! WASH YOUR PILLOWCASES 1-2 times a Week) my favorite cleanser, it has all natural ingredients, isn’t tested on animals, the Vitamin C brightens my complexion and is also anti aging! Win- win- win!

Then I always apply tinted moisturizer with sunscreen because that is the key to aging well, protecting and shielding your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. My favorite tinted moisturizer is Laura Mercier, which makes me skin look dewey and fresh even if I add a concealer on top! It’s perfect.

But I promised you guys my tried and true tips and tricks for dealing with monster pimples quickly! If you wake up and feel a zit coming on, you know those assholes that you feel under your skin forming before they even rear their ugly head?

Yeah those pimples suck, but don’t freak out, the minute you feel it forming underneath run to your freezer and grab some ice, wrap it in a paper towel and hold it there for about ten minutes. That could be enough to do the trick and prevent it from forming a head.

However if you wake up and blammo there is giant zit I have some tricks up my sleeve to help you get rid of it quickly!


My Clear Skin Weapons

  1. Prid Drawing Salve!– This magic salve is black and smells like tar because it is derived from Sulphur, but suck it up because this stuff works!

    It works by helping to soften your skin cells and allows the salve penetrate the skin “drawing” the pus and nasty gunk in your pimple to the surface allowing it to be drained.

    It is also great at killing bacteria so if your pimple is inflamed and swollen it can help heal the infection and clear up your skin.

    Clean and dry your pimple, put a huge dollop of prid on your zit at night and put a bandaid over it, by morning your zit should have come to a head and be ready to pop, however only pop if you can see a distinct head.

    Wrap both pointer fingers in tissues and slightly apply pressure to pop the pimple.

    If it doesn’t pop easily then it isn’t ready, apply the prid again and wait for the head to appear, or the pimple to go away on it’s own. Always remember after popping a pimple to clean you skin and wash your face. Put a dab of benzoyl peroxide on it to make sure the zit goes down and goes away.

    Once again try to avoid skin picking if possible but I know that sometimes it can be too hard to resist and you just need to do it.


  2. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay– this mask is honestly a godsend and has saved my face from so many pimple flareups I can’t even count.Beauty Tip Today says “almost every mineral found on Earth is present. When a facial or clay poultice is applied to the skin it forms a negative charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis have a positive charge – Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over fifty minerals. 100% NATURAL.

    It’s stupid easy to use all you do is mix this powered clay with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar &/or a bit of water.

    I prefer to use Raw ACV because it is amazing for your skin and helps heal pimples even faster in my opinion.

    However some people can find that it stings a bit too much and prefer water, so whatever floats your boat! This mask will shrink pimple fast and even if you are not breaking out, using this mask once every week or two will help to ensure that your complexion stay clean and clear!

  3. Manuka Honey– Seriously when I heard that Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules talked about how much she loved using this stuff to keep her skin clear and soft I jumped for joy because it is seriously amazing and powerful all natural stuff for clear skin all year round!

    It works perfectly to help fight acne whether it’s blackheads, white heads, or the painful giant pimple because it has Anti inflammatory properties that greatly reduce inflammation and its anti bacterial nature reduces the severity of breakouts and speeds up healing time (If I have popped a pimple and went a bit too balls to the wall I dab on some Manuka Honey to speed up the healing time and works overnight I swear).

    It is also extremely hydrating and soothing which makes it perfect to help rebalance your skin, particularly if you suffer from dryness and dehydration as well as acne. source 

How to use it! According to Bona Fide Skincare
  • After washing your face apply a small amount of honey to completely cover the pimple/cyst/whitehead
  • Cover it with a bandaid to allow the honey to remain in contact with your skin
  • The best results happen when you can leave it over night, but if you’re pushed for time try it for at least 30 minutes
  • Remove with warm water and a clean wash cloth
  • Inflammation, redness and pus/infection should be less
  • This greatly reduces the time a pimple takes to heal, and can stop it from reaching a head altogether


So there you have it guys, my favorite clear skin tips and tricks! If there is anything else you guys would like to see just let me know!

These clear skin products have helped me so much I can’t even tell you, I do know however that taking great care of your skin will make you feel happier and more confident!





  1. April 27, 2016 / 6:00 pm

    I too also had really awful acne from 5th grade through early adulthood. 🙁 Not fun nor very glamorous feeling. It took me awhile to find what works for me especially post kids which took way more of a toll on my skin that I thought possible!

    • Harriet B.
      April 27, 2016 / 6:02 pm

      I’m so glad you were able to find something that works for you! Acne and skin issues in general can be awful!

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