Supermodel Stina Sanders on Being Authentic on Social Media!

Stina Sanders

Stina Sanders

Basically I have been obsessed with U.K. based Supermodel and Blogger Extraordinaire Stina Sanders who decided to embark upon an Instagram challenge where she posted real life unfiltered non glamorous photos for a week to see what would happen. She bravely posted photos that most would only share with their good friends and was a total open book, opening her up to critics everywhere and people definitely felt comfortable sharing their opinions!

Her blog The #UNFILTERED Blog is also amazing and you have to check it out for yourselves, I love her witty sense of humor and take on everything from eyebrow shaming being akin to body shaming and her unique take on why we need to destigmatize the See You Next Tuesday word!

Sanders posted photos documenting her chipped manicures, her weekly hair removal routine, and even a trip to get a colonic to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

She is my hero and I have been dying to interview this Instagram pioneer because she embodies what I love most about social media, when people share their real life imperfections. I would not even go as far as calling them flaws as they are simply aspects of Sanders real life and how she maintains her drop dead gorgeous appearance, so without further a due meet Stina Sanders!

Can You Introduce Yourself to Young Fit N Fabulous readers?

Hi my name is Stina Sanders and I am girl who likes to talk and write a lot. I’m a Writer/Model/and Tv-Presenter ..I’m a little bit of everything really. One thing that I definitely am is I’m addicted to Instagram hence why the Daily Mail contacted me asking me to get involved with their social media experiment. You can read more about that here, They asked me to not share my usual glamorous images but to post truthful/real and raw images of myself and my life. At first I wasn’t sure if I could do it but then I saw the funny side to the experiment as well as the need to highlight how fake social media has become.

What kinds of comments or reactions did you receive after you started posting more real life unfiltered photos on your Instagram?

I received relatable comments mainly from women. I didn’t get any  hatred from what I was posting and if anything I had a lot more likes on my unfiltered images than my airbrushed ones despite losing 1,000 followers as a result of the experiment. My previous sexy photos gained me a lot of male attention but these real unfiltered photos gained me a much larger female following which was great!

Stina Sanders Instagram

One of the photos you posted received quite a bit of attention after you showed yourself leaving a therapy session to deal with anxiety. I suffer from pretty debilitating anxiety and panic attacks so I really appreciate and admire your openness, what sort of reception did you get from posting that photo?

I think that people were pleased that I spoke openly about my depression and anxiety. I think it reassured a lot of people that they are not alone in suffering from these things. Anyone can suffer. Even those who you would least expect to have mental health issues can have depression. There is a stigma attached to mental health and I’m so pleased that I shared that image because I know it’s helped a lot of people, or at least got people talking about mental health issues. I’m supermodel Stina Sanders and I also struggle with mental health, it’s normal and ok!

Stina Sanders Instagram

Why do you think people feel the need to comment with such hatred and negativity on people’s Instagram accounts, especially people they have never even met?

I think it’s because social media has a sort of protective layer over it. It’s not real life, so trolls think that what they are saying is OK or not really that hurtful, because they’re not actually saying it to the person’s face. Of course negative comments can be very hurtful but behind a computer screen people become “keyboard warriors” and don’t think about what affect their comments can have on someone.

If you were to put one of these “keyboard warriors” in a room with all the people they were trolling, I would bet all my money that they wouldn’t be mean or say anything bad at all. They would most likely shy away from being rude because the majority of negative people online are cowards or have problems of their own that they don’t want to highlight so it’s easier to write nasty comments on a strangers Instagram. It’s simply a reflection of themselves.

Stina Sanders

How did you get started blogging and what is your blog really about if you could sum it up into a few sentences?

I started blogging in May last year and to sum up my blog I would say it’s a diary of all my real thoughts and problems. I like talking about the drama or issues in my life because it’s comforting for me to know some people out there can relate to me.

(She doesn’t shy away from topics and I love a woman that is ballsy enough to talk about things that others find awkward! Love!)

Stina Sanders Instagram

How do you suggest that other women learn to embrace their imperfections and feel more comfortable sharing them with others? You were so brave to share pictures of your stretch marks and facial waxing, how can we help other women to embrace every little part of themselves?

You just have to crack on with it. You are what you are, celebrate it! You can only be you. I could wake up most mornings wishing I had 7ft legs and a torso the size of a 6 year old but that’s not me and it never will be. I’m short and curvy with no boobs. To me, having good health is far more important than having perfect eyebrows or no fat on my body.( AMEN SISTER!)

Ok so what are your plans for the future and where can people find and connect with you?

You can always follow me on Twitter or Instagram  or my blog The #Unfiltered Blog . I’m currently writing a book as well that I am really excited about and I have a few bits of pieces in the pipeline but for now I’m just focusing on living well and feeling good. That’s all that is important to me!

Stina Sanders

She also happens to have one of the cutest dogs ever!

It was an absolute pleasure getting to talk with Stina and learn more about her body positive attitude because I believe that we should be spreading that stuff around like confetti!

XOXO Harriet



  1. April 13, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    Wow, that is a great interview! People are getting way over the top with photo editing now – come on, half of cats on Instagram has Photoshop botox.

    • Harriet B.
      April 13, 2016 / 5:55 pm

      Hahaha I totally agree! I am so glad you liked the interview, I loved that she talked about being real on social media, I am all for taking a good photo but showing your vulnerability is so amazing too 🙂

    • Harriet B.
      April 14, 2016 / 11:46 pm

      Thank you so much!

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