Why Cold Brew Coffee is So Hot Right Now!

Cold Brew Coffee

I am having a full blown love affair with Cold Brew Coffee.. but how did this torrid romance begin? Well let me tell you….

So basically I have the most sensitive stomach in the world, I have to be SO careful about what I eat and drink or I will be in agonizing pain with gas and cramps and unpleasant trips to the bathroom almost immediately… TMI? Yeah I know, sorry about that but I never knew I would come face to face with my worst nightmare after a particularly unpleasant stomach incident when my gastro doctor told me…. WAIT FOR IT….

To GIVE UP COFFEE… ….ummmmmm I’m sorry so you just want me to hate my life?

I am into health and fitness like you can’t even imagine but coffee(which has a crap ton of health benefits btw) is a Non Negotiable.

Cold Brew Coffee

I need it and I love it, so I was not going to give it up without a fight! There had to be some way around my highly acidic Keurig brewed coffee addiction, and light a prince in a Disney movie, in walked COLD BREW COFEE, or my holy grail as I like to call it!


Cold Brew Coffee to me actually tastes even better than plain Jane iced coffee anyway because it has a slightly sweeter taste but also a bolder, richer flavor. I add almond milk because I broke up with cow’s milk long ago(but that’s a story for another day) and a sprinkle of cinnamon because it helps balance blood sugar and a few ice cubes and go about my day with no stomach pain whatsoever!


Let me give you a little breakdown about  coffee all according to this source


“Coffee grounds are chock full of chemical compounds, and acids. These compounds, referred to collectively as “solubles,” give coffee its flavor. They’re extracted from the grounds in the brewing process.

There are two basic brewing methods — which differ in brewing temperature and time — that can really change how your coffee tastes:


  • Hot-Brewed Drip Coffee — This is what we typically imagine when we think of hot coffee. Most people make it in percolating home coffee pots or by drizzling hot water over coffee grounds and letting it drip through a filter and straight into a cup. This is the stuff they serve at diners. Baristas generally make hot coffee quickly, on the order of minutes, and it has a strong aroma with a sour or acidic bite.


  • Cold Brew — Baristas make cold brew by soaking coffee grounds in room-temperature or cold water and then let it sit and steep like tea for hours or even days. Then they strain the resulting coffee “tea” from the sludgy solids. Cold brew is taking the world by storm because it often has a deeper, less acidic, subtler taste, and is more concentrated than conventionally brewed coffee. It’s also a refreshing way to get your caffeine fix on a hot day”


Why I Prefer Cold Brew Coffee


It is Better for Your Stomach!


Hallelujah praise the coffee gods because finding about cold brew coffee saved my sanity for real! According to the Toddy system, the acidic levels of cold brew coffee are about a third of the levels of hot brewed drip coffee and because of the lower acidity levels your stomach is way less likely to feel that burning pain you sometimes get after drinking hot coffee on an empty stomach.


It Tastes Better!


Regular hot coffee can have a bitter unpleasant burned taste sometimes because in the process of making hot coffee the beans can burn which leaves a smokey unpleasant flavor in your mouth, like a stale coffee taste(ew!) Whereas cold brew coffee is scientifically sweeter and tastes crisp and refreshing always! Total win, I swear after trying cold brew I am never going back to regular coffee again.


It is Growing in Popularity and is Now Available at Most Coffee Shops!


Due to the huge increase in cold brew popularity your favorite and local coffee shops are now carrying cold brew, my favorite is Alfred’s Coffee in Los Angeles so definitely check them out if you are in the area! Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, and the Coffee Bean also now carry Cold Brew Coffee so rejoice, you don’t have make your own, even though making your own is super easy, like stupid easy!


Cold Brew CoffeeAlfred’s Coffee sign in West Hollywood



My favorite store bought brand is High Brew Coffee , which is delicious, healthy, and guilt free! It’s also affordable and you can read all about my love affair for it here 


So there you have it, if you have noticed that your stomach turns after drinking regular hot coffee or burns a little bit(or a lot in my case), give Cold Brew Coffee a chance, because I guarantee you that it will knock your socks off and leave your stomach lining perfectly intact! Happy Caffeinating!


XOXO Harriet


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