Stop Complaining and Start Kicking Ass!!! 


Ok so this week has been a struggle, well the last few weeks(ok I broke my own rule for this first sentence, sue me!) and I have found myself doing something that I really hate and I recognized it in a major way last night when I was talking to my fiancé about my day. 

I just rattled off complaint after complaint about how difficult something was, how tired I am, how I wish I had more money, free time, booze(kind of), etc. get the gist?! I was being a child, a whiny, obnoxious, self centered child. I never want to minimize the struggle of other people like serious struggles like health problems, abuse, etc, because those are real issues that need to be addressed and clearly are not the problems I am talking about. I am talking about the petty crap like needing to wake up early and workout, or forgetting to get gas and almost being on empty, even something as mundane as forgetting coffee at the store(I’m a real slice of sunshine without caffeine ha!) but honestly I was tired of hearing myself talk. 

Basically my complaining about shit I hate doing wasn’t getting me any closer to doing things I really want to be doing and care about deeply. If I took all of my negative energy about whatever and put it towards being productive and creative and working my ass off to get to where I want to be, then the tables are turned and good things start to happen. I believe in the power of positive energy and the law of attraction, good energy brings about more good energy and the happier and kinder you are to others, the better they will treat you!(most of the time at least, some people just hate their lives so much they can’t bother to be nice, but that has nothing to do with you!)

So seriously stop complaining and start kicking major ass! I promise once you shift your mindset and try to go a whole day without complaining you will watch your life shift and change for the better!! 

Alright have an amazing and productive day and look out for some new posts coming to the blog tonight or tomorrow! Sending out love, light, and positive energy to you all!! 

Xoxo Harriet 


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