Sweat Healthy! Let’s Talk About Deodorant!


I’ll make a big confession to you guys, it sounds kind of gross and totally not girly at all, but I Harriet Berholtz do not, and have never worn or owned deodorant!! Shocker!

Basically I have never really needed it, I don’t tend to smell when I sweat at all and while that might sound like a humble brag(it’s not I swear) I feel like it’s a really important topic to address. Especially since once of my fave bloggers The Skinny Confidential brought it up in a blog post saying she doesn’t wear it either!

So I felt a little bit better about my anti deodorant stance.

Basically traditional deodorant scares the crap out of me.

The stuff you buy at the grocery store, your standard CVS, and even sometimes Natural Food Stores sell deodorant that contains Aluminum, which is a neurotoxin and basically the devil! To be avoided at all costs!

I totally get the desire to smell good at all times, on a hot date, at the gym, in a meeting or any other time you might be sweating your little heart out but the fact is these deodorants can be dangerous and have a rather strong link to causing breast cancer.

Having had my father battle cancer twice the idea that using something under my arms everyday that could even have the slightest possibility of causing breast cancer which will effect 1 in 8 women was a no go for me. source

Not only has Aluminum been repeatedly indicated as a cause of breast cancer it also has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, brittle bones, infertility, and generalized permanent damage to the central nervous system.

Furthermore, aluminum mimics the effects of estrogen which them leads to hormonal imbalances and when this happens it can indirectly lead to hypothyroidism, endometriosis, decreased fertility, and virtually every ailment that targets women

.Sweat Healthy with Natural Deodorant

Underarm products are one of the greatest causes of breast cancer, since Aluminum is absorbed almost directly into the lymph nodes from the armpits.

Potassium aluminum sulfate makes up a massive 25% of some deodorants, and it cannot be excreted from the body without the intervention of alternative medicine.

This means that it accumulates within the body in ever growing amounts throughout a person’s life, so that the aluminum becomes more destructive with increased age.

Also beware of Crystal Deodorants: According to Viral Alternative News these are the ones that most often claim to be “Aluminum Free” and “Natural”,  but you NEED TO CHECK THE LABEL!

Many of them still contain an ingredient called “alum”, which is typically potassium aluminum sulfate. While it is still a better alternative than most antiperspirants, it still doesn’t make it completely aluminum-free or safe!

So what is my alternative to deodorant?

I have a few tricks that I use to stay fresh and avoid smelling bad when sweating!

A little bit of coconut oil with a few drops of lavender applied under the arms can be great, as coconut oil is a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial and adding a few drops of a natural yummy smelling natural scent like lavender or mint it can make you smell fresh and clean all day long!


Another super easy tip which is a little out there but I am a fan of is to use fresh Limes! Yep I said it, Limes! The results are truly amazing and the fresh citrusy scent makes you smell great.

Just cut the lime in half (not very ripe), and then wipe each of the halves under each armpit.

  • The Lime’s ability to combat armpit sweat and odor is due to its highly acidic nature.

  • The acid in the limes helps to reduce sweat production and therefore acts as a natural deodorant.

  • Limes are also super anti bacterial and the bacteria from sweat is what emits a nasty odor.


So go grab some limes maybe make a margarita first and then rub what’s left on your pits and smell like an angel!

You’ll thank me later I promise!




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