Things I’m Loving Friday!!


Yay we made it! I have one more class today and then I am done for the week, so in honor of Friday I want to share some of my favorite things!

imageMy favorite drawing ever! My extremely talented boyfriend made this for me because I sing and also because we both love Step Brothers(the song bird of my generation haha). So lucky to have him in my life and I am constantly blown away by his talent.

la-et-ms-watch-sam-smith-accompanies-an-affair-in-im-not-the-only-one-20140801 Sam-Smith-Dianna-500x299

Sam Smith in general is ROCKING my world right now, I highly recommend his new album “In the Lonely Hour” to everybody. This music video and song called “I’m Not the Only One” is beautifully tragic and heartbreakingly poetic. I live for good music and his is amazing in my opinion. The music video is wonderful as well. Go check it out if you so please 🙂


This quote is from the AMAZINGLY talented Annie Lawless and co founder of my favorite Juice Brand ever SUJA that!!!!! Holla for Fresh Pressed Juice. Her blog post on her awesome website is about seeing people’s life on instagram, a blog, Facebook, or other social media sites and thinking that somebody else is perfect because they have better clothes, handbags, opportunities, abs, education, etc. than you, and then feeling inferior because how you perceive their life to really be is extremely self destructive.

People on social media usually put their best foot forward because that is what they want to show you, their best self. Which is completely understandable, but as humans we compare ourselves to other people ALL THE TIME, and “Comparison is Truly the Thief of Joy”. Don’t think that just because somebody is portraying their life as being amazing and perfect that it really is that way. EVERYBODY has their own personal struggles, and just because they don’t broadcast them on social media doesn’t mean they are not there. Just keep that in mind next time you come across a picture of your friend’s vacation in Greece, or somebody’s proposal in Jamaica, new handbag, etc. You are more than enough, and you are special and wonderful too, even if you don’t have a new Kate Spade bag and Lululemon tights 😉

I HIGHLY recommend you give this post a read, she is an amazingly strong and talented young woman whom I deeply admire

Have a lovely weekend everybody and thanks so much for reading! Love to you all!

xoxo Harriet


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