Hump Day Quotes

I always hear or see these certain quotes or sayings from people including girls talking to another over lunch, personal trainers, even at gyms on certain signs. “Don’t Give Up What You Want Most for What You Want Now” in the attempt to get people forgo that dessert or cookie they wanted to ultimately get their dream body. Or the famous Kate Moss saying “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels”. Well I wonder if she has ever tried Sprinkles Cupcakes!

I am not saying to not eat healthy or to go crazy and binge on unhealthy foods and not think about the consequences, but strive for balance. Speaking from experience I can say that this all or nothing, starve for perfection, your growling stomach is a sign that you are REALLY WORKING for your skinny hot bod is unhealthy and sets you up for having an unhealthy relationship with food or working out. Here are a few quotes that I love and feel that really should replace these others phrases so that we can develop healthy attitudes towards our bodies and realize that eating healthy and exercising is something to do to make yourself feel happy and healthy, not to be “skinny” or “look like Jessica Alba on that cover of Shape Magazine”, because with photoshop and a fake tan, you could look like that. Do it for a healthy body and balance!



Until next time lovelies!

You are all beautiful ❤️

XOXO Harriet


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