Fabulous Skinny Watermelon Cocktail!!


Well it was 82 degrees today in Sunny San Diego, or as many of you might call it the Whales Vagina, and it was beautiful!! I basked in the sun down by the beach and learned how to use my new camera, did some wonderful people watching, and saw some Comic Con strays wandering around still wearing full on Zombie Makeup. Just a quick word of advice/plea, for the love of god please do not wander through a Whole Foods wearing a full on bloody, ripped clothes, and bruises kind of costume, it is extremely alarming and led several people to fear for your well being. Ok so onto the main event… SKINNY WATERMELON COCKTAILS, or just a SKINNY WATERMELON ICED DRINK, so good I totally die over it!!

I am all about making things light, low calorie, and healthy!  It’s summer and everything is so ripe and delicious for fruit right now, especially the Watermelons, so I decided to experiment with a few cocktails or just cold drinks for the daytime. I found a favorite though!


The Fabulous Skinny Watermelon Cocktail!

8 chunks of watermelon

Juice of 1 lemon

6 sprigs of Fresh Mint

handful of ice cubes

option of adding alcohol

(I chose some Patron because I missed posting about National Tequila day on the 24th)


1. Put in all in a blender and pulse to make it nice chunky, like the consistency of an ICEE at 7/11. Or blend it all together for a smoother result

2. Add a sweet straw, sit back and enjoy

                                                                   photo 5

Hope you all love this drink as much as I did and it is PERFECT for a hot summer day!

Until next time lovers!!

xoxo Harriet


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