Give Your Body the Big Brush Off, Why Dry Brushing is My New Obsessions!!

Dry Brushing

Hey everybody, happy weekend!

I wanted to talk about my absolute obsession with Dry Brushing and why everybody should give it a try because is truly LIFE CHANGING!

Why is dry brushing the absolute shiz nit? So glad you asked


Your skin is the biggest organ in your body for elimination and it plays a HUGE role in daily detoxification. Everyday your skin eliminates two pounds of toxic waste, which is huge! No soap can cleanse your body as well as dry brushing can. It helps to stimulate your lymphatic system in order to get rid of nasty excess fluid(no more bloating?), bacteria, and uric acid which is the breakdown of cells in your body(dead skin cells).

Other awesome benefits?

  • Helps to eliminate toxins in the blood stream
  • Lessens the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improves circulation helping to make skin look younger
  • Helps to get rid of cellulite by removing the dead skin cells and excess fluid
  • It provides a huge energy boost!

So here is how to do it!

1) Start on your dry naked skin ideally before taking a bath or shower to help get rid of all brushed off toxins, or dry brush before working out to make sure your sweat evenly. Use a natural bristle brush not a synthetic fiber to avoid skin irritation.

2) Begin on the soles of your feet and then work up from there, going next to the ankles, and always brushing in long slow strokes toward your heart because your lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart.

3) Your back is the only exception to this rule and brush from the neck down on your back.

4) Really concentrate on brushing the lymphatic areas of your body(back of your knees, inner thighs, under your arms) where your largest lymph nodes are.

5) Continue up and brush each arm and hand, go lightly over your breasts and ass as that skin is rather thin and you don’t want any icky redness. Get all of those toxins out of your body.

6) You can use a skin exfoliant in the shower or yummy body wash to help get off any lingering toxins or dead skin and then finish up post shower with a nice body oil or moisturizer. Delish!

Occasionally when finished I will raise up one fist in the air and do a total power pose because I feel so energized and awesome from my dry brushing and I know I am doing something positive for my health and my body!(Ok maybe that’s a little much but hey whatever works right?)

You can skin brush everyday and even if you’re a little hesitant to try it, give it a week and see how much better you feel, you will never regret doing anything positive for your health:)

I have been dry brushing for over two years and have fluctuated in weight quite a bit, I went from model skinny to normal person who eats and and didn’t really workout, to then evening out and eating healthy(but still eating) and working out, so I had a bit of cellulite at first, but now NONE! So thanks skin brushing! I owe you one

Until next time my fit and fabulous readers,

xoxo Harriet

P.S. I love this soft and contoured brush and this deliciously moisturizing body oil

Kingsley Natural Bristle Contoured Body Brush

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